How To Change Limiting Beliefs Through Doubt

“Most people live life as a cork bobbing in the water. They move whichever way they are pulled by the current. Sometime this way, good, sometimes that way, bad. There is a way to more consistently live happily, positively and powerfully. Would you like to know how?

We all face negative thoughts and beliefs. We can change them. We don’t have to be a victim to our thinking. In fact, it is crucial for our success and happiness to take charge of, and control, our thinking and feeling, instead of allowing it to be haphazard.

Doubt your doubts. Yes, doubt them. Begin to doubt them. Whenever you think or say something like, ‘I could never do that’ you don’t have to believe that. That is simply part of your less than productive, chronic, habitual thinking you learned from the past.

Stop Clinging To The Old Conditioning – Let It Go – Become New

You can change it. Doubt it. Don’t give it the credence you have been giving it in the past. Consider this. If you can doubt that you could do it, you could also begin to doubt that you couldn’t do it. Get it? You don’t have to accept your thought as a life sentence.

Neither thought is actually true. It is only a reflection of what you have come to believe and accept as true. It is possible you could do it just as much as it is possible you couldn’t. You just may not have considered this before. Your thoughts are one-sided, out of balance.

Start considering the positive. Consider what you might possibly do that could lead to you doing it. You don’t have to know how you could but you can begin to imagine how it might be possible. Doubt that you can’t! Begin to think that you could and can and will.

Doubt Your Doubts – Question Them – Face Your Fears – Act

‘I’ll never get out of debt.’ ‘Perhaps, that isn’t true. What if I did? How might I begin to think and behave differently for me to change this? Who says, I can’t? What if I do? Just because I have thought, I won’t doesn’t mean, I won’t? Perhaps, I could? What would that be like?’

You lead yourself out of the negativity by doubting the non-supportive belief and beginning to wonder how you can begin to make things different. Inch by inch. You switch the less than glorious, negative, non-productive, non-supportive belief for a better one.

Why would you ever choose to have a less than glorious, negative, non-productive, non-supportive belief set anyway? Most likely you wouldn’t. So go ahead and begin to change it. Some will take some time, some will be much easier. You’ll notice this too, as you do it.

Your Future Is Based On Your Present Decisions – Think Positive

Never stay stuck when you don’t have to. Be in charge of your thinking and your feelings. Change your life for the positive. Everything changes when you do. From within to without. It starts with thoughts, your feelings, then actions, that get you your results.

Do you want better results? Think better! Doubt your doubts! Doubt your negative beliefs! Change them to positive, powerful, productive ones that serve you! Work on it daily. Develop the habit of thinking positively. Learn that you CAN celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy and energize your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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