Why You Keep Making The Same Mistakes: What You Can Do About It!

“Do you face same struggles over and over? Do you end up repeating the same mistakes or encountering the same circumstances again and again? Whether in career, finances, relationships, health or anything else, would you like to break free and change all that?

Then recognize you are source energy. There’s no difference between source and you. It doesn’t seem that way because you don’t believe it. You believe yourself to be separate from source. You are not. The ocean is contained in the drop and the drop in the ocean.

It isn’t any different. You only think it is. You think the world is made up of many competing drops. It isn’t. It is all source. No division just one. When we recognize this we begin to be free to feel who and what we are and what we are capable of. We are source. You are!

Take 100% Responsibility For Whatever You Create That Is Power

The separation experienced is an illusion. We forgot we are source, and play hide and seek on ourselves. We are source. We are creators. We believe our identity to be the drop so sometimes we act as creators and sometimes we act as victims of the world.

Once we realize we are always source, always creating, we become free. Whatever source creates is neither good or bad, positive or negative. It is neutral. No judgement. No labels. As drops we label and judge. As source we create. Recognize who you really are.

If you are creator part time and victim of creation other times the drop will suffer. Take 100% responsibility and recognize you are always creating, always! You cannot, not create. Determine what you want to create. Then determine to create that. Make it happen.

Learn From Your Mistakes – Become Aware – Choose A New Way

We can learn from our creations. Our struggles and obstacles are how we reveal we are source! When you face challenge and doubt, fear, worry, anger, hate, sadness arise.  When you encounter negative thoughts and limiting beliefs STOP realize you’re source.

These are moments of opportunity! Embrace the limitations, accept them, do not resist. Let go. Wake up to being source. Stop being a victim. Stop believing and living as a victim. Recognize who you are and what you are capable of. You are always creating. ALWAYS!

Realize we are all doing it as source to wake ourselves up. We find that which we seek. We keep giving ourselves issues so we can reveal ourselves to ourselves; so we can come home to who we are. We repeat mistakes to wake up. They’re opportunities! Wake up!

Every Moment Every Limitation Every Obstacle Is An Opportunity

Learn from these lessons. Let go! Become aware. Stop creating lack and worry, misery and anger, hate and fear. Begin creating love and peace, joy and blessings for yourself and all the rest of the drops on the planet. Make a difference! Let’s all make a difference.

What do you want to experience? Then create that! Connect with who you are. You are the flow. You are the source power. When you are grateful, joyful, positive and optimistic you then can discover your true nature. Become aware! Positively create what you want.

Feel blessed by all people, events, circumstance, problems and limitations. Learn, let go, laugh and love. Accept yourself completely as you are. Love yourself. Appreciate yourself. When you appreciate anything the value increases. You are worthy. You are deserving. You are a miracle. Believe it! Appreciate yourself! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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