Who You Are Behind Who You Are?

“The point of personal and collective evolution is to discover appreciation for who we are beyond our birth identity. The end goal, if one can say there is such a thing, is for self-appreciation; to value who we are, what we are, what we are capable of. We are priceless.

Yet, the game of divine hide and seek, has us pretending to be powerless, pauper victims of events and circumstances. How beautifully, we have hidden who we actually are. The path of enlightenment is letting go of the facade and accepting the reality.

The reality is we are ONE.  We are immense. We are unconditional love and acceptance. We are not separate. We are one, disguised as many, playing a wonderful game. We have hidden and obscured the truth from ourselves, so we might one day, again, discover it.

Embrace Who You Actually Are – Celebrate And Appreciate You

The journey begins when we realize we already have everything we think we need. We already are it. We lack nothing. We need nothing. We are all of it. We are source and we are source energy and power. We are creation and we are light and love. Denying it is our pain.

We feel separate, alone, worried, fearful, needy when we live in the ‘game identity’ believing that to be who we are. We are not that. When we drop pretending to be less than source and begin to appreciate who we are, we awaken to what is and to who is.

You and I are magnificent. We are one. We are the infinite. When we live as if we are, then we are. This isn’t about ego. This is about letting go of ego. Drop the charade and accept and love ourselves unconditionally for the beauty that we are. We are love. We are one

To Discover Who You Are –  Let Go Of Who You Think You Are

We are freedom. We are joy. We are all incredible good things. We are priceless! It is time to begin treating ourselves as such. Be grateful. Be thankful. Be delighted. Live, love, laugh, and accept yourself unconditionally. Transform and transcend. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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