Your Eyes Always Deceive You

“Your eyes will always deceive you. So will your ears. In fact, all of our senses deceive us on a regular basis. Still, people insist they will believe something only when they see it. This, is a sad state of affairs. Our neurology deceives us. Our brains see, our eyes really don’t.

We interpret what we see. The mind does the real seeing. We pay attention to limited amounts of information. Our brain filters much of the incoming data. We make associations and connect memories to what is going on. We miss much of what else may be there.

We have biases. We have habitual ways of noticing things and of missing things. What we pay attention to determines much of how things go. We can miss opportunities right in front of us because we are paying attention to something else at the time. What to do?

Expect The Best And Get It – Expectations Shape Your Results

If you want to see something, believe that you will. This is how it actually works. Expectations can shape our results. Expect it to be a good day, no matter what, and you are more likely to have one. Expect the best and you are more likely to find it. Believe it!

Things may come along that throw a wrench into the day, but if your expectation is that you can have a good one, no matter what, you can handle it, all will ultimately be fine, you are far more likely to. Your attitude determines what you pay attention to. Mindset matters.

Expect to be healthy, rich, loving and kind. Expect your best. Expect the best of others. Expect the best outcome in any situation and you are more likely to make that happen. You marshall your resources when you think positively and optimistically. Put yourself in charge.

Attitude Is Everything – You Get What You Focus On 

Believe miracles are possible and you are more apt to discover one. What you focus on expands. Energy flows where your attention goes. Manage your thoughts and your expectations. Believe everything always works out for the best. Believe in yourself.

Be thankful for the opportunities each day to discover how blessed you actually are. Count your blessings. Discover your blessings. The more you look and are grateful, the more you will find. Delight in all of it. Everything can be wonderful. It really can. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Live, learn, love, laugh, today!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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