To Stop Losing And Start Winning You Must Do This

“Our social conditioning contributes to our mindset. Sadly, not much of our co-opted conditioning, that which happens to us from birth through childhood, is profoundly useful for helping us to recognize the powerful creators we are. It seems to be designed so we miss it.

We applaud the notion, ‘the buck stops here’, but few embrace and live from that notion. Instead of taking 100% responsibility for ourselves, we place responsibility, for our success or failure, on others, our upbringing, outer events and circumstances.

This is insidious! We blame our parents, our education, our friends, our enemies, our lovers, luck, the government, the economy, foreign powers, terrorists, the weather, the traffic, our pets, the media, you name it. We blame ourselves, too. We blame everything. Everything!

Learn To Separate What You Feel From What Is Happening

We are conditioned to do so. We learn from our parents, teachers, peers, churches and synagogues, media and others. Changing ourselves and becoming successful means we have to change where we place the responsibility. We have to assume it! Aim inward!

We are 100% responsible for everything that happens to us. Good or bad, right or wrong, accept the responsibility. We alone are accountable. We create our reality 100%.  Our responses determine our outcomes. No one else, no other agency is responsible. We are.

 Accepting total responsibility separates the survivor from the overcomer; the victim from the victor. When one takes responsibility for everything, one takes control and puts oneself in the driver’s seat. That person determines how the ride will go.

Learn To Act In Spite Of Your Mood – Always Give 100 %

Regardless of the outer terrain, or the weather, that person determines how they enjoy it, and where they travel. If they must take detours, so be it. They don’t whine and complain, make excuses or blame. They adjust and continue. They find or create a way.

This is the mindset for making life wonderful. Nothing will change until you do. Accept this! Change your conditioned thinking from limited to unlimited. Opportunity can be all around you but unless you notice and act on it, you will miss out. You must do it!

Many people think luck, or god or the universe, or attraction is doing it to or for them. Sadly, most don’t experience the abundant life they could. They live like a cork bobbing in the water, going where the current takes it. The power to change is YOU. Most don’t realize this.

Keep Your Commitments – Live Deliberately – Make It Happen

They don’t assume their power because they live from the old, limiting, conditioned beliefs that other forces are more powerful than they are. Those who get ahead, unconsciously break through, or they work very hard to do so. They change their thinking.

You want to win? Develop a winning attitude. Change your mindset. Become a champion in your thoughts and feelings. The right mindset will lead you to the right, inspired actions so you start getting better results. You determine your success and happiness in life.

You determine the exact amount of your financial well-being. You are the author and creator of your life whether you realize it, and act like it, or not. You are doing it! No one else. Yes, I know. You might think others are. That IS the issue. The issue is always your mindset.

Paradise Is A State Of Mind – You Determine Where You Live

The issue is always the thoughts and beliefs you have that govern what you will and won’t do. To make everlasting, positive change, you must change some things. Mindset is the first thing you need to master. You won’t win with a loser attitude. Get it? Change it!

Start changing your thinking for the better. Take charge! Overcome your prior conditioning. Recondition yourself. Get yourself in great mental shape. Become a warrior in mind and spirit. Become a peaceful warrior. Your life will transform incredibly when you do. Love, laugh, learn, live fully and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


Make the most of each moment!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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