The Key To Living The Good Life

“The key to living the good life is to make each moment magical and magnificent! This is what we need to learn how to do. Take charge of your life and live it fully, non-stop. Learn to transform every disappointment into opportunity. Learn to celebrate everything!

Celebrate the big and small, the good and bad. As you do, you transform everything. YOU do it! You create your life every moment from the conscious and non-conscious decisions you make. You either live large or you live small. You either thrive or you die.

You decide every second. You create the quality of life from the quality of your mindset, emotions and feelings. You create the results. It is all your doing. Once you become aware and decide to make it different, you are on your way. It begins with a decision!

The Moment You Take Responsibility For Everything  In Your Life …

You must make a decision and follow through on it. Then one’s life becomes qualitatively different. Then you can thrive and live blissfully. Are you willing to choose to live the best life you can? Are you willing to take responsibility for making it happen? Are you?

Are you willing to stop believing in magic? Are you willing to stop waiting for circumstances to change? Are you willing to stop hoping to be lucky? Are you willing to stop blaming yourself, others and circumstances? Are you willing to stop making excuses?

Stop whining! Stop coming up with reasons why you can’t and why you don’t have what you want. Start coming up with reasons why you can and will get what you want! Start making it happen. No one will do it for you. You must decide to do it. It is your decision. Yours!

… Is The Moment You Can Change Anything In Your Life

Decide to live differently. Decide to live as a champion. Be a victor, not a victim. Be an overcomer, not a survivor. Decide to stop living an ‘okay’ life and determine to live the best life. It is all up to you! If you want your life to change, you must change what you think and do.

Smile and laugh more. Let your troubles roll off you like water off a ducks back. Don’t get hooked by the drama of circumstances. Stay centered and calm, like the eye of the hurricane. Don’t sweat the small or the big stuff. Learn to let go. Love more. Enjoy more.

Have fun! Accept and help others. Allow others to help you. Unite with positive people. Accept all circumstances as they are. It IS what it is.  Believe, for no reason at all, that all things happen for your good, even when they don’t seem like it. Re-frame events.

Take Responsibility For All The Consequences Of Your Choices

Find the lessons and opportunity within each. Consider everything a blessing. Read positive and inspiring material. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. Express positive feelings. Visualize and affirm. Act as if you already are the change you desire. Sing, dance, skip, shake or move but do those things that make you feel wonderful. Delight in all of it.  Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes


Make each minute count!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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2 thoughts on “The Key To Living The Good Life”

  1. Thanks again Rex, love your inspiring and directive words. Most people’s lives stink because of their stinking thinking(from Charlie Tremendous Jones). Thanks again for your time effort and creativity.
    Charlie was worth many millions of dollars and he explained that his wife’s life was stinking and so was his thanks to her. LOL


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