The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Holds You Back From What You Want!


“Why do people toil so hard to get ahead but not see any results? What is they do, or don’t do, that makes it nearly impossible to succeed, even when they totally want to? What is it? Can one change it? What determines whether we succeed or not?

The major cause for difficulty is where you place your attention! Energy flows where attention goes. Keep that in mind while consider this: power either resides within you or comes from outside you. Whatever you believe determines your lot.

You either believe you are in control or something else in control. It is a matter of belief. It is whatever you think it is! Our beliefs create our perceptions and reality. It is as we think it is. If you don’t believe you are in charge of everything then something else is! It’s simple.

You Are The Power – You Are The Author Of Your Life – Act Like It

If YOU are in charge, then there is always something you can do to alter the situations in your favor. You are not a cork bobbing in the water, driven by the wind and current. You operate of own volition. You are ‘at cause’ not ‘at effect’ in your life. You’re the power source.

Mindset makes an incredible difference in everything you do. People suffer because of where they place control. If anything else is in charge, we are subject to that. Get it? Regardless, of what the ‘actuality’ is, our reality is determined by what we think it is.

Your beliefs and thoughts determine how far you go. Your mindset and attitude determine how much, or how little, influence you have in making your life what you want it to be. You either are in complete charge or you are not. You choose. You must decide. Which is it?

Within You Is The Power To Rise Above Any Situation Or Struggle

Power either comes from within you or from outside you. Frankly, you already made the decision while growing up. You made that decision and you live from it. If that decision doesn’t support you, and serve you, you can change it. That is the good news!

When you take responsibility for everything that happens, whether this notion is true or not, it puts you in a place of power. You make changes. You don’t sit and wait. You create. You determine what the events and circumstances mean. You become the cause.

As the cause, if you don’t like the meaning, you can reframe it. If you don’t like the results you can change them. You can think differently. You can change your m ind. You can feel and act differently. You create different results. You determine where you go and how far.

At Any Time You Can Declare This Is Not How My Story Ends

There are NO limitations except the ones, we THINK there are. Limitation exists only in our thoughts. What are you thinking right now? That will determine many things for you? Either you believe you can or you believe you can’t. Either way, you are correct.

In order to determine whether you, or someone else, is in charge simply listen to where you place authority. Do you blame the weather, the traffic, the people around you, the economy, and all sources outside yourself for what occurs, or do you accept it?

If you say, ‘sorry I am late because I didn’t get up on time’ at least you aren’t saying, ‘I was heading there but traffic was heavy and made me late’. Even if there was heavy traffic, it is up to you to get there on time. YOU are responsible for any delays, not the traffic. Get it?

You Must Learn You Have Always Had The Power – Now Accept It

Most people don’t want to, nor will they take, this kind of responsibility. They want to put it onto other things because this is how most of us were brought up. We learned it from others. That is okay. Now, is the time to change it! Now, is the time to take charge.

Get it? Power doesn’t reside outside of you, unless you are willing to give it all away. Yes, we WERE raised to give most of our power away. We no longer have to! Change your thinking and you can change your life. Accept 100% responsibility for everything and transform.

The moment you do, everything can change. You already have everything you need to transform your life in incredible ways, but most will continue to miss out. Stop! Don’t. Take charge today! When you do new horizons will open. Be glad you can. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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You make the difference in each day!

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