A Secret You Need To Know: Your Expectations Sometimes Hold You Back

“What gives? What  is going on? Sometimes, the things, we think, help us the most, actually don’t. We strive, we effort, we maintain a positive attitude and yet we don’t get what we want. We neither make it happen or attract it, as we hope. Why does this happen?

It is important to focus on the positive. It is important to expect things to work out for the best. It is good to have positive expectations about people, situations and your future. Focusing on the positive is great. It helps you think and feel and act better.

When it comes to your goals and dreams. The small ones and, especially the large ones, your Definite Chief Purpose or Aim, focus on the positive and feel great about accomplishing it. Imagine it as though you already have what you want. Feel it. Then let it go.

Start Loving Yourself For Everything You Already Are

Release the expectations of how and when it will work out. Stop yearning and hoping and needing. Let it go. Drop it. Have faith it will work out. Develop that certainty. Know that issues will resolve and your good is yours. Stop trying to make it happen. Let it happen.

Still, visualize and affirm each day. Continue to focus on your goal. Don’t be attached to the outcome. Give up on the time line. Allow it to unfold. People get in their way of making what they want happen by overdoing it. When you need it, you don’t get it. Odd, right?

Needing it, or needing it a certain way or a certain time, means you don’t have it. You notice not having it. You are focused on the lack of it so you subconsciously continue to create more lack. Get it? Get out of your way. When you don’t need it, or insist on it, you’ll get it.

Needing It Pushes It Away – Let It Unfold Naturally – Yes Want It

Again, this is why gratitude is so powerful. When you are thankful for having it, and you are delighted in having what you don’t yet have in reality, you open the door to it. You are focused on the feelings of having what you want. You are enjoying the great feelings!

You are vibrating at a high level. Your inner resources can readily align to go after what you want because you feel great and are thankful for it. Everything is working together in one accord. You get it when you release needing it and feel like you already have it. Do the work and then open yourself up to receive it. Become a great receiver! Believe and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes



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One thought on “A Secret You Need To Know: Your Expectations Sometimes Hold You Back”

  1. I put a date on it and then on that day I “take physical action” knowing the thing is already mine and I deserve it. I reach out and take it and because I know it is already mine the world gives it to me cheerfully and with ease. They look into my eyes and they can feel I deserve it and they know it already belongs to me. They can feel it inside. I have had it happen over and over again.

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