The Secret To Transforming Your Problems Into Opportunities

“When times are difficult many people struggle with fear and worry. They imagine dastardly, negative scenarios, again and again, in their head. There is a way to move past this and get relief. Instead of derailing oneself, there is a means of getting back on track.

When troubled by people, events and circumstances, one of the useful things you can do is ask yourself, ‘What is the worst that can happen?’ Granted this sounds like a question you might want to avoid but it is important to consider. ‘What is the worst’?

Why on earth do you want to ask that? Because most people already see bad things. They imagine the world crumbling around them. What they don’t see is the ultimate bad thing. The reason you want to this is because, typically, the worst thing never, ever happens.

Don’t Let What You Fear Interfere With What You Are Able To Do

It just doesn’t. They simply live in worry and fear. They perpetuate the difficulties by focusing on them. Worry is actually negative programming. People program their minds. The more you worry and fear the more likely you are to bring those things about. Quit it!

Someone once said, everyone should go through bankruptcy. Again, why on earth wish this for anyone? Because, when you go through it you realize life isn’t over. People who are bankrupt still have a place to live, a car to drive, places to go, things to do and enjoy. They do!

It isn’t over! WE tend to think it will be, but it isn’t. I’ve had numerous friends go bankrupt and while not pleasant always, their lives did not change much. There may be some exceptions. For most who go through it, they  learn it is not as bad as thought, prior to it.

There Aren’t Obstacles In Your Path – Obstacles Are The Path 

When you deliberately ask, ‘what is the worst that can happen’ usually, you discover whatever ‘the very worst thing is’ you still survive. You are still okay, and you can, if you worked at it, handle it. Life isn’t over because of your imagined fears and worries.

They loom larger in the mind when not confronted. Once confronted the sting is gone. YOU took out the sting. You reduced the mountain to a mole hill. NOW You can break the problem down into bite size, manageable, steps or tasks, you can more easily and readily resolve.

It is the imagination running wild that is the difficulty. Gain control. Reign it in and you can again be on your way to being more productive and happy. You can resolve most any problem this way. Most of us, fear things that will never, ever happen. Stop it. Let go.

Strength Comes From Overcoming You Worries And Fears

Take control of your thoughts. Then you take control of your feelings. Yes, there are other things you may also do. I have discussed these in previous blogs. Read through and find them. I could share where but it is good to study and reread. It benefits.

Anytime confronted by problems consider them blessings and be grateful. This powerfully transforms them quite quickly. You don’t fear or worry about blessings and good things do you? Problems are their to teach you something and for you to discover what that is.

They are roadblocks slowing you down, to get your attention, so you can learn to be a better you. Be grateful. Be thankful. Feel truly blessed. Inside the obstacle is the seed of opportunity. You may have to look to find it, but that is why the obstacle is there. Trust. Let go. Enjoy. Delight. Feel blessed. Everything transforms when you celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes



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