Everything Happens For A Reason Or Does It?

“It is whatever you claim it is. Reality is of your own making. I used to think this notion was BS. I now think, whatever you think, is important. The notion that everything happens for a reason does not have to be true. People think things have to be true or false.

All it has to do is fill the need. Minister to the moment and beyond. It may not be true but it may be useful to adopt. It is a reframe.  If we get past the notion of what is true or not we can begin to see how many things can benefit us in a variety of ways.

I choose to think about it as, is it supportive or is it not supportive? Does it allow a person to move forward and improve? Can the person improve their life? By changing their thinking about something, can they move forward? What does it serve to do?

To Me – Everything Is Wonderful – Life Is Wonderful

Can they move from hopeless to hopeful? Will they get over and on with it and not have to carry a wound around? The goal is not to live with open sores but to heal completely and experience great health. Some people promote surviving I support thriving. Thriving!

What might we do to become free? How to get there? Some people get over the most devastating events and are able to move forward. Some never recover from a mere stumble. Hopefully, friends, families, and strangers learn to act with compassion and support.

However, anything is possible. A major thought to keep in mind is ‘it isn’t over until it is over’. Keep the faith. Many people look back on the worst point in their lives and find they are grateful. That point, while painful then, brought them to a better place now.

Happiness Is About Loving What You Have – What Is 

One just never knows everything because we only see part of the picture. Some people attempt to help, but hinder, while hoping to be supportive and freeing. It is what it is. There are many maps and viewpoints or beliefs about ourselves and the world we live in.

I suggest we choose ones that are most supportive of us. Choose those which help you move forward and evolve as a person. There are endless possibilities. How many can you see? How many possibilities can you entertain? We need not be limited.

We need not remain victims. The road may be long or short. Life is filled with joys and sorrows. We need to learn to find the best in life and focus on that to live. To only remember sorrow sucks. To get up from a major fall and continue, is to our benefit. Live free.

What You Focus On Is What You Get – It Expands

You don’t have to believe anything happens for a reason. If it helps utilize it. If it does’t let it go. It may help if you believe, in the larger context, there is a purpose or a being guiding you, even if there isn’t. Even if there is. Reality is what we make it. What do you want?

How will you choose to live? Gratitude is an incredible healer. So is forgiveness. We need to forgive ourselves, others, circumstances and events. Others may include god or the universe. We need to appreciate ourselves, others, circumstances and events.

When we forgive, when we are grateful, we can become free. We can let go. We can see and feel things differently. Each comes to it in their own time. Some may never, in this life time, know the release they might be able to know. It is as it is. Be patient, loving and kind. Life is truly better, in all ways, when you can celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Great Things Are Coming!!

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