Positive Thinking Is A Scam Don’t Believe It!

“In order to get really good at anything we must practice the right things, consistently, long enough. Not only practice but practice correctly. Because, we can practice wrong, and develop bad habits. Frequently, coaches have to correct, learned, bad habits in sports.

It is important to get proper, qualified, coaching right from the start. It is important to practice, correctly, right from the start. Given that, what else can one do to learn and grow positively, more easily and quickly? Practice maintaining a positive attitude in all things!

A positive attitude does not mean ignoring the negative. It means using the negative to get to the positive. When a negative thought occurs shift to the positive. If you think something you don’t want, or feel bad, once you become aware, change it, to what you do want.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Positive thinking means you take into account contingencies, so that you have plans, in case things don’t go the way you want. It is not airy fairy ‘I can walk on water’ or ‘I can fly’ mentality. It is, ‘I could learn how to do these things with the right know how and equipment.’

It is knowing how to pursue your goals and dreams and remaining faithful to them, when the going gets tough. It is learning and knowing that you can get through the tough times by emphasizing your resources and putting them into action. It is thinking right.

It is feeling right. It is doing the right things. Negative thinking doesn’t do this. Correct, positive thinking does. It is not sitting in your room thinking ‘breakfast will appear’ or that the food in the fridge will somehow cook itself. It is doing it yourself. It is action.

Negative Thoughts Hold You Back – Nothing Else Holds You Back

It is doing it with the right attitude. Many people are mistaken about positive thinking. I see articles and videos bad rapping it because they misunderstand what it is and the purpose of it. They miss out. Positive thinking IS one of the most powerful things you can do!

Don’t miss out. Correctly practice! Don’t believe the positive thinking is a scam people. Believe in yourself! Go back and read through my blog posts. Study them. Apply the principles and practices and you will powerfully transform your life! You will.

If you apply them correctly you can learn to be, do and have almost anything you want. You will learn how to make things happen. Then it is all up to you. Positive thinking means becoming smarter and wiser. It means being dedicated or committed. It means persistence.

Replace Negative Thoughts With Positive And Get Positive Results

The best way to practice is to have fun. Be dedicated. Keep an open mind. Be intense, yet, work at it in a relaxed, positive, energetic way. Passion and optimism make a big difference. Pursue passionately. Bring positive energy and high vibration to everything you do.

Your life changes when you feel incredible. Delight and enjoy! Practice feeling your best. Transform less than glorious thoughts and feelings into better and more glorious ones. Practice gratitude and expressing it. Practicing always speaking positively about yourself, your life, events and others. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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