How To Create: Do What You Can Then Let It Happen

“Mindset is everything. Attitude is everything. What mindset and attitude do you need to have, and adhere to, to make your dreams come true?  What should you think, feel and do to have the career, the life, the things you want? What can you do?

Keep the faith. Believe in yourself and your future. If you don’t yet, and you doubt, you must learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings, take control of your mind and thoughts, and develop your belief muscle. Like any other muscle, it grows strong with use.

People want things. If it is tough getting them, they give up. Many of us have grown up coddled and  enabled in ‘not’ doing positive things for ourselves.  We grew up being told we, ‘have to work hard’ and that, ‘life is tough and not fair’ and that, ‘few really get ahead’.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You’re Right

We have been deceived. It is far better to believe that you can learn how to do almost anything. You can! If you learn how to manage your thoughts and feelings, you can become unstoppable. If you learn how to, you can create the future you want. You can and will.

If you believe in yourself and you expect unexpected good to come your way, you can do almost anything you want. You can write your own ticket because you are making it happen. It is not happening to you or for you. Faith comes from doing and from repetition.

Affirm, and visualize. Chant your mantras daily. See your future in your mind. You will develop the faith habit if you continue to do it, repeatedly, for long enough. Believe in yourself. Develop unshakeable, unstoppable, belief in yourself. Learn to be competent.

Accept What Is – Let Go Of What Was – Have Faith What Will Be

Learn how to do what you want to do. Invest in yourself. Believe you will have everything when you need it, in its perfect time. It will unfold as it will, when it will. You plant the seed, tend to it, nurture it and let nature do it’s part. You do yours. Nature does hers.

Let go and let god, the universe or whatever you want to believe it is. Develop your mindset. Develop powerful feelings. Take appropriate, inspired action. Believe you can make it happen. Let go and get out of your way. Allow the fruits of your labor to unfold as they will.

Believe. Be grateful. Express your thanks and gratitude. Have fun. Delight. Enjoy.  Stay positive. Stay optimistic. Feel wonderful. Vibrate high. Where your attention goes, energy flows. Make it happen. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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