Secret: Good Returns To You When You Create Flow

“Can you really give and get back? It depends on what you focus on. If you go out in the morning looking for smiles you are bound to find them. You may also encounter some frowns. If you begin focusing on the frowns, it’s likely, you will find many more of them.

Energy flows where attention goes. Instead of getting the smiles you wanted, and began with, you were distracted by, and diverted to, frowns. Frowns; you get what you don’t want. So, you must not be thrown off by the ‘negative’ and stay focused on what you want.

Remember to think of it as creating what you want. You initiate and you maintain it by your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is not magically happening. You are doing it. You are attracting it by your mindset and attitude. You claim what you want and make it happen.

Life Is A Boomerang – You Get Back What You Give Out – Flow

Create flow. You can keep money moving whether you’re moving a dime from a $1, or $10 from $100, or $100 from $1,000, or $1,000 from $10,000.  Get this?  It is the flow you create by moving energy. Money is energy.  Energy flows where attention goes. Move it!

It is not the amount that is important but the flow you create. As I mention the Bible references 10%. That is 10% of your finest, first, top of the line goods. That could be money, time, energy, attention, love,  respect, and more. Whatever you give, give quality.

You don’t have to follow the Biblical standard unless you want to. It is worth it to try it however, to discover how it works. However, you must do what is right for you not because I say it. AND it is can be good to be willing to explore and do new things if you haven’t.

Give Your Best And Receive Back The Best – It Is Cyclic – Create It

When you give your best, you may expect the best. When you go the extra mile, magical things seem to happen. You are creating it by your thoughts and intentions. You make it happen by your attitude, feelings and actions. Remember,  ‘if it is to be, it is up to me.’

When your intention is to give freely, with no though of how it must return, then you create a climate in which you give and are open to receive. It’s just as important to be an open and available receiver as it is to be an open and generous giver. Both are part of the equation.

This means don’t demand how it is to come back. Allow it to come to you in any form at any time. Don’t be discouraged. Enjoy giving for the sake of giving and helping others. When it comes accept it. Don’t deny it or push it off. Welcome it. Don’t say, ‘it was nothing.’

Gratitude – Feeling Blessed – Shifts You To A Higher  Frequency

Say, ‘thanks!’. BE enthused. Enjoy. Delight and celebrate. The more optimistic and positive you are, the more you delight and enjoy the more you get back. Create that flow. Create that cycle. Remember, it circulates.  Allow yourself to be blessed. Expect but don’t insist.

Next time, I’ll discuss your focus. It is important to focus on giving, and not the recipient or how your giving is utilized. For today, remember to practice gratitude. Give in a way that warms your heart and puts a smile on another person’s lips. Think about it!

You could pay someone a genuine compliment. You could smile. You might tip a little bit extra. You can open a door for someone or help someone out. You can simply imagine beaming love or positive energy to others and the world. Whether you give money or something else, give. Whatever you do, enjoy it. Give freely and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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