It Is Important To Give The Gift Forget The Recipient

“When you give, you get back. Your primary intention is simply to give, to add value to others. When you freely give, you get back easier and quicker. When you freely give, you are more open to receive and you don’t block the process with your wants.

You allow. You give your best. You go the extra mile. You vibrate high and you create and attract people, events and circumstances that favor you. You plant the seed. Remember, you must GO FIRST! Without planting the seed, no plant would grow. You plant it first.

You give first. You give. You go the extra mile. You keep the faith! In the back of your mind you know givers get. However, that is NOT the primary reason you give. You give TO give. In doing this you are implementing many important principles and practices.

Giving Is The Secret To Abundance – Give And Receive

Napoleon Hill, and others, way back to the ancients, have pointed this out. Give and it shall be returned. Your needs will be taken care of when you take care of the needs of others. It is the act and spirit of giving freely that is important. Not what the recipient does with it.

It doesn’t matter if you give to a fake charity or a phony religious leader and they benefit from your money or your gift. It doesn’t matter if they don’t use it as you had hoped. That is on them. You gave freely. You gave from your abundance. That is what matters.

Give with a pure heart  and mind. Never let their actions poison your intentions.  Your intentions were to give, to help, and to assist others. That is what is important. When you give freely, there are no, strings or conditions to the gift you give,  whether, money or time.

If You Want Love And Abundance In Your Life – Give It Away

When you give, whatever you give, once given it is theirs to decide what to do with. Some people believe you should take a homeless or disadvantaged person to lunch, or buy them food, so they don’t spend it on drugs or alcohol. This is not freely giving. It’s judging.

It is making assumptions about another which may or may not be true. It is conditional. It isn’t up to you to determine how they use your gift. Unless you give with conditions, but that isn’t what tithing or this practice is about. Certainly, you’re free to do what you want.

Parents give to their children in conditional ways. Partners do the same with each other. People are people. Practice unconditional giving. Give and let go. When you are the recipient, receive and enjoy! Give up control. Allow others and allow yourself freedom.

Stop Judging Start Giving Freely Without Constraints – Live Large

Give up control and allow your gift to go out there. Give from the spirit of giving, ‘I am blessed.’ ‘I am abundant.’  ‘I’m giving without strings, without attachment, without expecting return or payoff, without insisting somebody do something in particular way’.

It’s letting go. It’s letting go of how you should give and receive things. Become an excellent giver.  Become an excellent receiver. That is with tithing is all about. Feel blessed. Feel blessed to give. Feel blessed to receive. It is about feeling abundant. Feel abundance.

When you do everything changes. You come from a different place, a different mindset altogether. It isn’t just about money. It is about feeling fulfilled. When you help others you are helping yourself. You can begin to recognize the miracles all around you. You can begin to see how truly rich you are. Delight in it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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