How To Give And Get More Back

“You want a better a career, relationship, economic situation, and life? What can you do to more easily have that? Do you attract it or do you create it? What is it about giving? Why does going the extra mile work? Why does tithing seem to work?  What gives with giving?

When your attitude and mindset is in a place of giving and you give to others, yourself, or in tithing, you’re coming from a place where you have something to give. You’re not coming from lack. You’re not coming from scarcity. You’re not coming from poverty. Get it?

You’re coming from a place of giving. You are generous. You create abundance because you are living from abundance. You are giving out of your plenty, even if you’re plenty is meager. Do you get this?
You are going the extra mile. You do more than is required of you.

Only By Giving Are You Able To Receive More Than You Have

You give. By giving you create. You have faith. You are  doing what is good and beneficial for you and others, too. You energy vibrates high. When your attitude and energy is high you tend to attract and, more importantly, create the same or similar energy. You create!

As the saying goes, ‘If it is to be, it is up to me.’  You are investing in yourself by thinking beyond yourself. You are helping others. You are giving back. When your mindset is right you create the climate, the attitude, the ambience for good things to happen. Responsibility.

it is your responsibility. Whether you believe it’s god blessing you or the universe, infinite intelligence or your subconscious, whatever you believe is your belief. It is your mindset. It is your perceptions, and that is fine. I have no argument with whatever you choose.

It’s How Much Love We Put Into Giving Not How Much We Give 

When you are generous you invite generosity back. Like attracts like. You create generosity and you get generosity. It’s not that you give it out and away from yourself. You actually give and benefit. You create a loop of giving and getting by giving without wanting return.

From your giving you believe you have enough. You believe it will return. Whether or not it returns is not a concern of yours. So your mindset is incredibly abundant. You don’t feel you are worse off by giving but you are better off from giving.  You create. It is positive.

You are living from gratitude, not stinginess. You are living from blessing. You are moving the energy. You are creating flow. Money is energy. The flow of money is energy. It is nothing more than that. It is from the exchange of money people get wealthy, not by hoarding.

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Give Generously – Go The Extra Mile

If you have a pile of cash and do nothing with it, you truly are not rich. You have stockpiles but you aren’t benefiting. You benefit when you move it. Wealthy people keep money moving. Money moving, or circulating, grows an economy. We will explore more next time.

For now, live with gratitude. Cultivate the mindset of plenty. Affirm, visualize, create the feeling of having more than enough. Imbibe those feelings. Feel wealthy. Feel free to give. Wealth is not just money. It is many things that cost nothing. Learn to enjoy these.

Wealth is family and friendship. It is sunshine and rain. It is all the good around you and in you. It is your free time. Be grateful. Create inner wealth and abundance.  Give! What you hold in your mind you can one day hold in you hand. Appreciate and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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