The Secret To Success: Become An Excellent Giver And Receiver

Is there a way to increase the speed and likelihood of good things coming your way? Yes, indeed. Think and do good things first. Like attracts like. Be open and optimistic. Allow others to support you and do good things for you in return. Don’t dismiss other’s kindness.

Don’t diminish things by saying, ‘it was nothing,’ or ‘you shouldn’t have,’ or ‘you don’t have to’. Say, ‘you are welcome, my pleasure’, and ‘thank you!’ BE grateful. Be pleased. Enjoy the return. Accept good things that come your way. Feel blessed and celebrate. Receive!

You give. You allow. You create an intention and with faith take inspired actions to make it happen. You then allow. Get out of the way and let things happen. It doesn’t mean you quit giving or doing. It means you let things unfold without micromanaging. Receive!

The Thankful Receiver Bears The Bountiful Harvest

Be open and available. Allow it to come in whatever form it comes in. It may not come in the form of cash. It could come in the form of energy, or freed up time or a form of assistance from others. It could come in the form of a a new friendship. It can come in any way!

It can come in any form and in any number of different ways. Unless you are alert and aware, you may not recognize it. YES, it could come in the of cash, if that is what you gave or put out. You want to recognize it and celebrate it. You want to feel blessed. Feel it fully.

You want to realize the harvest. Recognize and acknowledge it. Celebrate feeling blessed. When you recognize the return you increase your faith and willingness to continue. Then you spiral up into more good things. Like attracts like. You get more good back!

The Secrets Of The Universe Are Energy Vibration And Frequency

Understand, it’s not for you to dictate how it comes back to you. Just as it is not for you to dictate how others use what you give. Let the unexpected happened. Let yourself be surprised and delighted. Open yourself up. Trust in what is. That is faith! That is believing.

Remember, ‘ask, believing you will receive and you will receive.’ Through faith you shape your  mindset to experience miracles and magic every moment; small and large. Be on the lookout for good things coming your way. You are likely to find what you look for.

Be on the lookout for good, because it will come. Relax. Trust. Be open and available. Be an excellent giver. Be an excellent receiver. Expect miracles. Expect unexpected good. Anticipate things working out. Give cheerfully and receive cheerfully. Be positive and joyful.

Universe Gives Without Discrimination – The Sun Shines On All

The more open and aware you become, the more good you find. Never be disappointed if things don’t work out as planned. Be open to new surprises. Know it will work out eventually.  Be curious about how good will come your way; how it will all work out for good.

Go with the flow. What is IS. Learn to adjust and carry on. Continue. Know that you can always create of find a way. Be flexible! Wonder and discover what potential good is in the new version of what is happening.  Welcome goodness and opportunity into your life.

When you are welcoming, it can come to you. Invite goodness by first sharing goodness. It begins with YOUR thoughts, and feelings and actions. YOU get back what YOU put out. Be both; an excellent giver and an excellent receiver. Life becomes truly fascinating. Celebrate it all. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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