The Secret To Experiencing True Abundance

“What is true abundance? Is it just piles of cash and free time? Does it mean you have all the things you want? How come some people are very rich, but greedy? They don’t seem to be coming from abundance or even seem very nice. What is it to be truly abundant?

True abundance is the ability, the ability, to know that you are fine. Everything is okay. You love your life.  You have more than enough to live your desired lifestyle. You know and are certain that if it all disappeared, and you lost everything, you would create more.

You are comfortable with your ability to create. You know that you can attract whatever you need. You are the source of your abundance and power.  You are confident in you ability to create. You know you have this ability. Everything will be fine. It always is.

True Abundance Is Not Something We Acquire It is What We Are

You are confident in yourself so you experience life as magical every moment. You understand life is not about money but about the experience you have. It is all about love and  joy. True abundance is about loving relationships, friends and helping each other.

You can be happy.  You don’t have  money worries because you’re bigger than any obstacle . You triumph over circumstances. You can create. You can manifest. If you lost everything you know that you created before and you’ll do it again. All is good! ALL is good!

You CAN experience true abundance. YOU can begin to feel more abundant even now, if you don’t already. Stop focusing on lack. Focus on what you do have.  Focus on feeling fulfilled. Concentrate on those things that are true wealth; family, friends, and  time to enjoy.

Gratitude Opens The Door To Abundance – Appreciate – Be Glad

Abundance isn’t about what you have, it is about who you are. It is your ability to celebrate and enjoy no matter what is going on. It is the conviction that, ‘at the worst’ you are, and will be, fine. How do you get there? Practice gratitude! Allow yourself to feel blessed.

Count your blessings daily. Don’t focus on outer circumstances. Focus on your ability to create. Manifest small things daily. Practice manifesting and creating. Set intentions and make them happen. You don’t wait or wish when you create, you take charge.

I’ll share more next time. Meanwhile, do little things, that allow you to feel better; feel marvelous. Treat yourself!  Enjoy small things. Savor family and friends and free time. Have a meal. Decide what you want because you want it, not because of the cost.

Abundance Is The Ability To Create And The Ability To Allow

Look at the menu without looking at the prices. Enjoy something without money being a concern. Treat yourself to small gifts. Gifts you purchase or make. Hang out someplace you enjoy. The beach, a favorite hotel lobby, anywhere you feel awesome. Allow yourself to feel good. Feel abundance. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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