Stop Being A Victim Of Circumstances Be The Master Of Circumstances

“You are stuck in traffic and you are fuming. You have an important appointment. You aren’t moving. You won’t get there. What do you do? Do you feel the heat? Are you frustrated? Is the anger growing? What are you saying to yourself, the traffic and the universe?

Most likely you aren’t speaking in a nice, calm, voice? Are you thinking of everything that is wrong as a result? How you will be late. Are you getting anxious? Are you worried?  It is probable, things are churning on the inside. All sorts of ‘bad’ scenarios play over and over.

Whose fault is this traffic jam? Whose fault is it that you are stuck? You should have left earlier or taken another route? Why did this have to happen today of all days? More than once you probably let out an f-bomb. Right? Okay. Okay, maybe this isn’t you in traffic.

The Most Effective Way To Do It – Is To Do It – Just Do It – Do It

Maybe, this is you in a different, ‘less than positive’ circumstance. The point is, it IS what it IS? Your reaction is what matters. The reaction is habituated. The reaction is automatic and reliable and from your old, negative, chronic conditioning. Get control of it.

You will change when you change your habits. Everything in your life can change when you take charge. You will change when you decide to respond differently, instead of reacting automatically less than positively. Yes, you must make a deliberate, conscious decision.

You must claim the control of what is going on between your ears and in your body. Take charge and master your thoughts and feelings. If you want your life to change for the better you will have to change the negative things you routinely and automatically do.

If You Can’t Beat Fear – Do It Scared – Just Do It – Just Do It – Do It

Regardless of the scenario, you might as well, sit back and relax until it begins moving again. What else is there to do? Surrender. Breath. Look around outside yourself. ‘Cool you jets’, they used to say. Meditate. Listen to calming music or inspirational audio. Let it all go.

You can’t push the river. Allow it to run its course. What is the worst that could happen? Even if the worst happens, in the long run, it could be the best thing ever. It could be. People look back later and connect the dots. Most worst cases, though, never, ever, happen!

Settle down. Get control. Walk it off, if you can. It is what it is. Put an end to the drama. Stop reliving all the bad things in your mind. Focus on the one, very tiny, thing that is good. Look for it. IT is there. It really is. Nothing is completely bad. Find it. Seek and you will find.

If You Can Dream You Can Do It – Just Do It – Do It – Just Do It

You don’t know what you don’t know. Everything will be okay, eventually, no matter what happens today. Shift your thoughts from racing, raging negative to the positive and optimistic. This is what you must do if you want to change, otherwise you remain the same.

If you always do what you always do you will always get what you always get. SO change it and get something different! Make it better for yourself by learning and applying a new way. It gets easier the more you do it. The more you shift, the better you get at it.

Do it enough, over time and you replace the bad habit with a positive, one that supports you. Stop being a victim of circumstances. Be a master of circumstances. Stop being in a hurry. Relax. Stop blaming and complaining. Let it go. Gain control.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me – You Get What You Focus On – Do It

Switch. Shift. Take charge and make it a point to feel the best you can. You might not be able to go from furious to bliss, but you can first settle down. Cool off. Get calm. From there you can inch your way toward bliss. Little by little. Make your way towards bliss.

Next blog I will share a powerful secret about rage. You will want to read and apply those principles, too. Meanwhile, make a decision to be different.  Don’t let old habits of thought and behavior rule you. You rule your thoughts and feelings and behaviors, instead.

Consider the picture that accompanies this post. People do wonder at times. That roll didn’t make itself. Someone took charge and did it. Take charge of your own life and make it what you want it to be. Only you can do that. You are 100% responsible. Accept responsibility.

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow – Repeat After Me – I Can Do This

When you do accept it, everything can change for the better. Own up to. BE the victor. Only you can. So, will you make the change? It is up to you. Change happens the instant you decide. Even if you can’t yet see it. There is great power in a congruent decision.

Decide to delight in all things. Feel grateful. Say, ‘thank you’, frequently. Look for the good in every moment. Seek, scan, and find. Shift from the negative to the positive. Do it! Keep doing it.  When you feel blessed no matter what you open the door for all manner of good things. Like attracts like. SO celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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