Reclaim Your Sanity: De-Clutter Your Mind and Your Life

“While a messy desk may be a sign of genius, a messy house can wreak havoc on an otherwise calm mind. Some people cannot function well if the home or office or car is littered with things out of place. Some people just can’t hit a positive stride with things amiss.

A messy mind may be indicative of a messy life. A messy life may indicate a messy mind. These go hand in hand since the outer IS a reflection of the inner. We create from within to without. From thought comes our feelings, actions, behaviors and results.

Clean up your house, and you feel better. Take it easy. Do it bit by bit. Choose an area and straighten it up. After you do, you’ll feel good and feel like doing more. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Do it bit by bit, but do it! Fix up the world you live in. You will be glad!

Clear Out Physical Clutter And You Cleanse Your Mind

It is as important and  beneficial for people to de-clutter their inner world. Clean up the inside of your head. Eliminate the mental clutter of distractions and limitations. There are many ways you can begin to do this. Get your thoughts out. Use your voice to weaken them.

You can talk out your thoughts. Speak out loud when alone and in private. Get clear. Listen to yourself. It’s okay to do this. It helps clarify what you are thinking since thoughts can be quick. Speaking helps you to slow down. Write them out. That is even slower.

Writing and journaling is more deliberate. You can go back and review the evolution. As you gain clarity, talk and write out your thinking. You may notice it helps them to dissipate. This is one reason why we shouldn’t discuss our dreams with others.

Clear Out Mental Clutter And You Cleanse Your Soul

Talking about things weakens things. It causes the energy to dissipate. So keep your dreams private! Move. Walk around. Breathe. DO anything that allows you to feel better. Watch your thoughts. Meditate. Recognize, thoughts are something you think.

Thoughts are not you. Thoughts are merely tools.  We can use them to create great things. We can ignore them, when they don’t benefit us. Learning to manage your own thinking is one of the most important skills you can ever learn! Many won’t, but you can! Do it!

If the thoughts you think are not supportive, change them. Trade them in for more supportive ones. I mean, why not? If they suck, chuck them! Clean out your mental house. Eliminate those thinking things that  prevent you from peace and happiness. Really, do it.

Clear Out Clutter And Make More Space For You To Delight 

Unless you are a hoarder, most people throw out, or give away, old clothing, shoes, childhood belongings, and items they no longer need or use. Yes, some have sentimental value, but each spring many people clean house or the garage. DO the same inside your head.

Except do it daily! Manage your thinking and you will think and feel and act better. You will get better results and live a happier, more successful life. If you don’t, you will keep things the same. Get it? If you don’t change something, everything remains as it is. Change!

Gratitude is another excellent way to get ahead of the clutter. Be thankful. Appreciate everything small and large. Express your gratitude fully in feelings. Count and list your blessings. Whenever down, worried or anxious switch your thinking over to what you are thankful for. It works! Become aware. Feel grateful and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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