When Things Are Tough Stop Being A Crap Magnet!

When things are toughest, when the crap hits the fan what is one to do? Many buckle, cave and give in. They whine, complain, excuse and blame self, others, events and circumstances. While comforted by this negative, non-supportive habit, it does nothing to help.

Stop the whining and complaining. Stop finger pointing. It doesn’t change things.  The attitude that there are outer circumstances, forces, events or people who prevent you from being who you want or getting ahead doesn’t help you in the least,

Nor does it support you changing or circumstances changing. For you or the outer world to change you must FIRST change yourslef on the inside. The right mindset, the right thoughts and beliefs and feelings are crucial. Without these you get almost nowhere.

You Get What You Focus On – Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Anyone who has changed, without exception, has either deliberately or inadvertently changed their mindset from one of negativity and failure to one of positivity, happiness and success. Without exception! This IS what you must do. From within to without it goes.

You must hope and envision a better day to bring it about. To give in to ‘big corruption’ or outer influences, and assume there will never be a change, assures you there won’t be. Keep the faith that it can and will always work out for the best. Hope and believe! You must!

Do whatever it takes positively to bring change about. This is the path. Have faith. Be optimistic. Share the positive vibes and limit the negative ones. Create more positivity than negativity. You know the analogy, darkness flees when the light is turned on. Turn yours on!

Stop Being A Crap Magnet – Create And Attract Positive Vibes

Decide to stop focusing on what is wrong. Start focusing on the solutions and what you want instead. Focus on the good. Find it no matter how difficult. Focus on what you can and do appreciate. Look for the blessings! Be grateful. Feel the gratitude fully! Believe you can and will bring about a better day and a better world. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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