What Do You Want?

“Are you thinking and feeling and acting positive, or not? It’s important to consider. You want to be. Here is the next crucial question you ask, to move you closer to getting what you want. ‘What do I want?’ You can ask this moment to moment.

‘Is this what I want?’ You ask this repeatedly. Whatever happens, whatever results you get, whatever thoughts, feelings and actions you make, question yourself and ask, ‘Is this what I want?’ or ‘what do I want?’ Clarify what you want by asking ‘what do I want?’

Get it? Make certain you are moving in a positive direction. Each moment you can ask, ‘is this what I want?’ If it isn’t, ask, ‘what DO I want?’ Use it to change your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Direct yourself continuously to the positive good you DO want. Get it?

Direct Your Mind Positively – Ask Questions To Clarify Your Wants

If you aren’t getting what you want, stop. Stop spending your time re-creating what you don’t want. Change it! Move in the direction of getting what you do want. If you think, ‘I can’t do this’ is that what you want to think? NO! Think instead, ‘I can learn to do this.’

Get it? ‘I can look for someone who can assist me in learning how to do this. I can learn to make it happen alone or with coaching. I can begin to do this. I can begin to move forward and make it happen.’ Affirm and visualize what you want to happen. Direct YOUR mind!

This question is important. It is so powerful! It stops you. If you aren’t getting what you want, why would you ever continue? Right? It illuminates the chronic, conditioned, habitual thoughts, feelings and behaviors so you can become aware and change. It illuminates!

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

It brings attention to your answers, which are your thoughts, beliefs and limiting beliefs. Whenever you discover you are limiting yourself, excusing, blaming, or whining, too, you can stop. Then begin to change them. If you don’t want that belief, what one do you want?

Get it? Are you with me? Is it making sense? Watch this!  You must ask it frequently. ‘Am I getting what I want? What do I want?’ I am providing some variations, but the point remains the same. Stop doing what you don’t want. Change it to what you want! GET IT?

Develop the habit of being your own best, positive, supportive friend who helps you move towards your goals and dreams. Realize at  any moment you, and your behaviors, thoughts and feelings are either positive, supportive and moving you closer to your goals OR not!

We’re Living And Growing Or Withering And Dying – Choose

Get it?  I really hope you will. I am driving home an important point. You determine the success and happiness you will experience by how you think about things AND the questions you ask yourself. You always have been, even if you didn’t know or assume responsibility.

You have been creating everything all along by what you think and do. Time to take charge and decide how you want things to be, instead of haphazardly creating things, as you have in the past. Sometimes you got good results. Sometimes you got unwanted ones.

Now you can direct your thinking and feeling and actions to ensure you create AND attract only that which you DO want. GET IT? I hope so. ‘What am I grateful for?’  is another excellent question! Ask it a lot. Emphasize gratitude and feeling blessed. Direct your mind. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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