What The Question ‘What Do You Want?’ Does For You

Asking what do you want clarifies your thinking. It re-focuses you. It puts your attention on what you want and what you want to include. It takes your energy from what you don’t want and wish to exclude and re-focuses it. Get it? It shifts you from powerless to powerful.

It helps put you back in the driver’s seat and in charge of your own life. You can use it whenever you have a limiting thought, feeling or behavior. You can use it regarding events, circumstances and others. Let’s say the bank refuses your loan. Ask ‘What do I want?’

Of course you want the loan, but why? What are you attempting to accomplish? What is the larger goal? What are you wanting to feel? There may be other ways of legitimately getting the outcome or the money, without the loan or going through the bank. Understand?

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes – Focus And Flow

It allows you to have a next step. You don’t have to know how it works out, but by asking ‘what do I want’ you focus your attention and energy on what is truly important. From there you may get other insights and ideas, flashes of intuition, if you listen.

When arguing with a loved one, remember to ask, ‘is this what I want? WHAT do I want?’ You can decide, ‘No. I want to get along. I want both of us to feel loved. I want to communicate with each other better. What do I want? I want to get along!’ That can change you!

When you go back to what you want and what is important to you, it focuses the energy on THAT instead of the argument. Get it? You refocus. You determine what is important to you and you seek to make that happen for both parties. YOU change the situation.

You Get What You Focus On – What You Focus On Expands

You shift things by making your internal adjustments. You don’t blame, whine, accuse, excuse yourself or the other, instead look for the positive, good you can focus on, that changes you and helps improve the situation for both of you. Get it? You shift and change it.

It gives you the means to get out of being stuck in non-productive, even repetitive, mental and behavioral loops. If you keep doing the same thing, hoping for different results, that IS the definition of insanity. If you want change, you must make changes. Get it?

It is up to you. Re-focus your energy. What do you want? Clarify and determine what is positive and supportive that will help you get what you want. What is it that is good for you and for others? Focus on making these changes along the way. Are you getting this?

Your Mind Is Powerful – Fill It With Positivity – And You’ll Change

Most likely, you will need to ask it, or do it, more than once. Trust me! You will. You can ask moment to moment. Every time you engage in a new behavior you can ask. When driving to work, how do you want it to go? You could think, ‘I want a safe, enjoyable drive’.

Listen to your answers. What do you want from your meal? ‘I want my body, mind and spirit to easily process this wonderful meal and fill me up nutritionally’. Or. ‘I want to maintain my ideal weight’ so you adjust what you eat and how much. Get it? Use the question.

Use it to guide you moment to moment. In any situation alone, or with others you can ask. Clarify, then move forward, once you have. This question, and the others I gave you, can be a real game changer when you routinely apply them to your life. So don’t stay the same.

Direct Your Mind Where You Want To Travel – It Will Take You

Especially, if you don’t want to. If you want to grow and evolve and make positive changes, using these questions can move you ahead more easily and quickly. So too, can practicing gratitude and understanding that each of life’s many moments are blessings. So celebrate everything!: Rex Sikes

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