How To Make The Changes You Haven’t Been Getting

“Life not going the way you hoped? You think you are doing everything right, everything you can do, but things turn sour. What is going on with that? Can you get what you want without all the drama and upheavals?  Responsibility is most likely the issue.

In today’s age, few people seem to want to take responsibility for anything. Blaming and accusing others while making excuses for ourselves seems to rule. ‘I wasn’t late. It was the traffic!’ ‘It isn’t my fault. My parents never taught me.’ ‘Damn corporations!’ Get it?

We have a tendency to shift the responsibility away from ourselves. We don’t hold ourselves accountable. If we really want to change and create the best life ever, this is an important area to begin to make some changes in. Each of us needs to live to a higher standard.

Distance Yourself From Negativity And Beautiful Things Happen 

IF things aren’t going the way you hope, then the responsible thing to do is to accept 100% responsibility for any, and all, results you are getting, or not getting. When things go bad it is time to reflect on our thoughts and behaviors, not accuse and blame others. Reflect!

If things aren’t going the way that you hope, or the way that you would like them to, STOP and look at what you were vibrating. What are you thinking and feeling? What are your predominant thoughts in or outside of your awareness? Analyze your thoughts and feelings.

Look to yourself so you can change yourself, and your thoughts and your feelings. Stop blaming outer circumstances and others. Change your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Accept responsibility and become accountable for what you do, or don’t do. Get it?

Either You Run The Day Or The Day Runs You

It is all on you. By deciding to be accountable you put yourself in the driver’s seat. You take charge. Your circumstance isn’t up to, or on, anyone or anything else. It is all completely up to you. Whether you do it, or not. Whether you make it happen, or not. It is all your doing.

Yes, many people don’t want to accept that. They haven’t lived that way, so making this change seems difficult. That’s right, it SEEMS difficult. Once you begin the process, it gets easier and easier. It is mental conditioning. Like anything else, it gets easier as you do it.

Consider this: for years and years and years you have lived habitual, chronic, less than glorious, limited thinking and beliefs, feelings and actions. Then you discover the Law Of Attraction and positive thinking and think everything will magically change. You wish it.

All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy 

You hope that spending 10 minutes, or so, each day thinking positive about what you want, will change everything. You do it for awhile but at the first speed bump, if you are like many, throw in the towel. They give up. They blame it and claim it didn’t work. Get it? Do you?

That is wishful thinking. The TRUTH is, it requires a reconditioning of your thinking. How quickly things change is up to you. It could happen almost instantaneously. Usually, it requires more time. Just as planting a seed takes time to develop and grow and blossom.

The promise of the Law Of Attraction is that the PREDOMINANT thought in your mind, is what you will make happen. It is what you are thinking about most often that you become, do and have. You become what you think about most frequently. Get it? Do you?

What You Think About Most Often You Become

What are your most often thoughts? What do you spend most of your time attending to? Is what you want a burning desire? Is it an obsession? Are you mostly concentrating on the good you desire and imagining how good it feels to have that right now, or not?

IF, most of the time, you’re thinking distractions, petty annoyances; the traffic, weather, gossip, blaming government, others. the media, and the weather, THEN you are spending your time with less than glorious elements, negative and wasted thoughts. Its your time!

If you are noticing the distance between where you are and what you want, you are focused on the lack, and on not having it. You are concentrated on how you don’t have what you wanted; how far a distance it is, until you get there. So that’s what continue to create. 

Feelings Are The Driver – You Choose What To Feel – Feel Great

Get it? It is all up to you, not the environment or others, to make happen what you want to make happen. I’ll share more next blog but for now get used to the idea of taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life, good or bad. That decision is life changing!

Everything can instantly change the moment you make a powerful decision to take charge. I don’t mean suddenly rainbows and fairy dust appear. I mean you assume control of your life and from that starting point you are ABLE to make changes you weren’t before.

When you get that it is you doing it, everything becomes different. As long as others do it to you, you are a victim. You are tossed around like a rudderless, and powerless, boat on the sea. You need to operate from your own strength and power. When you do, everything does begin to change! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make the day magical!

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