Why Be A Loser When You Can Be A Winner?

Why think positive? Isn’t it unrealistic? As I point out, what if it is unrealistic, so what? What is the alternative? Realistic and bummed out? Realistic and a wimp? Realistic and stuck in problems of one’s own making? Nope, I prefer positivity to that. Don’t you?

For me, I like that I can move ahead and not be stuck, or not be stuck for very long, when I think positively and powerfully. Life is good and life is great. The world is abundant in my way of thinking and there is plenty for all. They deserve it. You deserve it. I deserve it.

I prefer to think positively, about possibilities and solutions. I like thinking optimistically. I enjoy moving through challenges optimally. Life is a process. Life is contrast. Life is all sorts of things. Life is flow. I enjoy going with the flow and all the sights I see along the way.

Never Underestimate The Heart Of A Champion – Winners Win

There is light and dark, good and bad, positive and negative. One can focus on whatever one chooses. Whichever one chooses has an affect and consequences. I prefer to focus on the light, the good and the positive. I prefer to take responsibility for my focus and my life.

Some people are stuck in a quagmire of their own creation. I have been. I could be again. I prefer, learning and developing to minimize that as much as possible. I want to accept responsibility for making my life the best, for how it turns out, good or not so good. Get it?

I prefer the attitude of Conor McGregor who determined to win against Floyd Mayweather.  He spoke well of his opponent. Took the loss graciously. Stated he didn’t anticipate some of Mayweather’s moves or skill and is moving on. He may box again. Cool!

Every Champion Was Once A Contender Who Didn’t Give Up

He is still a winner and a champion. Defeat doesn’t appear to rile him. I like the attitude I can see from him. Though he lost the bout, his attitude was marvelous. That is what I want to do, don’t you? If you get knocked down, get up and keep going. Smile and move.

Learn from it but don’t wallow in it. Cut the losses and decide to make new  things happen. Get up and move forward. Make the day a better day. What we focus on is what we get back. We attract WHO we are back to us. So, who we are and who we become is important. Be the best. Be happy and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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