It Is All BS! You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Change!

“Do you have to do anything to change? Can’t I just be the way I am and the world change for me if I wish hard enough? Must I really do something to make it different? I try lots of things but nothing really seems to work. It’s all BS, positive thinking, airy fairy stuff, right?

With that attitude one is bound to remain the same for a long time. The good news is you don’t have to do anything to change, you are always changing. That is the law. Things change for better, perhaps for the worse. Evolution is constant. It isn’t if, the question is when.

Given a long enough time, you and, your situation will be different, even if you do nothing. You are entitled to wait it out. However, if you want to change, within a realistic time frame, most likely, you will need to do something. Remember the definition of insanity?

I Am In Charge Of How I Think And Feel Today I Choose Happiness

People do the same thing over and over again expecting different results. I’ll add, people, who  do nothing over and over again expecting different results, are just as insane. If you always do what you always did, you always get, what you always got,  remember?

Positive thinking, is not about having glazed over eyes and a permanent fixed smile while uttering platitudes. It is about taking control of the gray matter that is running your show. Your thoughts affect you and this you already know! Don’t con yourself.

If you are feeling angry or depressed, you are thinking thoughts that, make you, or perpetuate the feeling bad, whether or not, the source seems to come from the outside.  It is your thoughts bothering you if you are complaining or blaming or others or the world! Thoughts!

To Change Your Life You Need To Change Your Thinking

If you are bothered in the morning, through the day and into the night because of trouble with a loved one, some work related issue or a ticket from an officer, your mind is on autopilot and you need to take control. Yet, some won’t because they don’t believe in it.

You don’t have to believe in it. That, BTW , is another thought or set of thoughts. It helps to believe in it because you may want to do it but you don’t have to. If you do it long enough, correctly, you will get the results and then you will have your own evidence for it.

You will know it. Knowing is different than believing. Some don’t engage in it because they fear they will become glazed eyed, perpetually smiling, positive zombies. Their own fear or apprehension for change prevents them. People do what they do.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Positive thinking is a powerful, realistic approach to living life more fully. Either we master our thoughts or they remain the master of us. We are either in control of our thinking process or it controls us. Which would you rather be the case?  Positive or not, your choice.

I prefer feeling good, positive and powerful. Don’t you? I like knowing I can handle anything that comes my way, somehow, regardless, no matter what, with help or alone. I like finding the best of everything and the best in everything. But, you can stay the same.

Don’t do anything. Someday, perhaps in this lifetime, you will get what you want. Simply stay as you are. That isn’t so bad, unless your situation sucks. Keep in mind, it is your choice. You are always choosing, even when you choose to do nothing. It is your decision.

Your Decision Keeps You The Same – Or It Moves You Forward

Your decision keeps you the same or helps you move forward. If you want to move forward you can. Decide to. Take charge. Manage your thoughts and feelings. Begin by focusing on what you can and what you are grateful for. Gratitude makes an incredible difference. Begin feeling thankful. Adjust your attitude. Things get better when you do. Things get better as you celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes


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One thought on “It Is All BS! You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Change!”

  1. You are doing a fantastic job trying to empower people. The scientology triangle of power. Is the visual I try to use to empower others. It clearly lays out Power’s: Responsibility, Knowledge and control: the ability to stop, start and change. Thanks again for your selfless genuine kind help. Your time and effort is not taken for granted. Thank you Rex.


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