Here’s Why You Don’t Get More Of What You Want And How You Can!

“Everything in the universe is a specific arrangement of energy and information. Abundance is an arrangement of energy and information. The periodic chart lists the different arrangement of atoms making up the known elements. Still, it is all the same source.

According to Quantum Physics there is no emptiness, only energy everywhere. It is all the same energy, but arranged differently. You and me, and everything there is on this planet, and our known universe is made up of the same stardust. We are all one. All energy.

We are the energy and the abundance of the universe, living the illusion of being separate through our brain and mind. We imagine ourselves apart from and a part of, instead of one Source energy. We think things are separate from us. Apparently, they are not. Get it?

Everything Is Energy  – Your Thoughts Initiate It – Focus

What we believe makes the difference. We don’t know all we can do. Nor do we know what we can’t do. Anything is truly possible. To sort the difference, I use this method. Some things are better spent investing my time in than others. Get it? It is about having taste.

Abundance is energy. Money is energy. Health is energy. Love is energy. Everything is energy. Through our intention, our deliberate, clarified, specific thought of what we want to manifest, our burning desire, we can change the energy. We can draw it or repel it.

Even those notions are not accurate. All is as it is, when it is. Right now. So pulling or pushing is meaningless. Better to think we can accept it or not. We claim it or don’t. To make it happen we must get past the filters preventing us. That is the game of our lives, it seems.

Everything Is Energy – Your Feelings Amplify – Focus

Whether we have fun or delight is the question we face. What do you want it to be? It is already that. Now, discover it. Allow it. Accept it. Delight in it. Act as if you already have it. See it, feel it, hear it, speak it, taste it, smell it before it arrives. Do it from joy, not need.

When you need you keep putting it off. Like attracts more of the same. Need attracts or reinforces need. Having means having more. Feeling you have it now, means having it sooner than imagining how far you are from it. It is all a mind game. Take control of your mind.

We can create and manifest and make happen whatever we truly desire. It begins with thought. All thought is energy. All feelings are energy. Both are information. Align our thoughts and feelings with our desires and beliefs and we can make anything possible.

Everything Is Energy – Your Actions Increase The Momentum

Mindset matters. You can pretend anything and master it. Great inventions have been based on wrong science. Even then, when science corrects itself, the inventions don’t disappear. This may be nothing but a powerful reframe. It can get you what you want.

Abundance is source. It is energy and flow. You are source. You don’t realize it, yet, but you are. It isn’t about mere mental acceptance. It is about transformation and becoming. You are unlimited, and all powerful, to create what you want. Still, it is likely you don’t believe AND that’s why you don’t have what you want now. This IS why we must begin to, and continue to, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

If You Learn Self Control – You Can Master Anything!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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