How You Spend Your Time Determines How It Goes

“When you order food at a restaurant, do you doubt that you gave the waitperson your order?  Do you hope and pray and worry they will deliver your food? Are you concerned you may not get it, nor get it in time? What do you do after you have ordered your food?

This actually is an important example. Similar to, what do you do when you plant a seed. Do you dig it up every few days to ensure it is growing? Do you fret and worry? Do you focus on how it isn’t growing yet or do you know it will show up in time? What do you do?

You know you gave your order. You know you planted the seed. What can you do? Wait. Wait and enjoy the time you are waiting. You never get your time back. You can fret and waste it. You can be distracted and focus on the less than glorious other things.

Patience Is All About The Attitude You Maintain While You Wait

Or, you can enjoy the time you have. You can do something positive. You can read. You can talk about or think about wonderful other events and things. It’s your time. How do you want to spend it? As for the plant, consider your joy as the nutrients it needs to grow.

How do you make muscles grow? You work out. Then you rest. You don’t grow them consciously. They grow on their own with proper rest and nutrition. You don’t grow the plant. Nature does. You don’t cook and serve your food, the restaurant does. Know your part!

Let go. When you enjoy and feel your best you reduce resistance. You allow. You’re receptive. Receive all the good things. Your food, and the plant, will be there in the time it takes to get it to you. Don’t micro manage the restaurant or the universe. It is not your job.

Blessings Can’t Come If You Are Not Willing And Ready To Receive

You can’t anyway. You can only do your part! Do what need to do to put in a clear, concise order. Determine what seed you plant. Then do it. Do your part, your work, then rest. Then wait. Allow your work to come to fruition. Attitude is everything. How you wait is the key!

Waste or ruin your time or wait joyfully. Plant another different seed or involve yourself in a different project. Let the current one come to you. Get it? Enjoy YOUR time. Have fun. Do anything else that fulfills you. Keep the faith. You did what you could do. Relax, let go. Wait.

When you get your food, accept it. Be delighted when the plant shows up. Feel good about the muscles you grow. You did your part and you get the results you get. All you can and should do is wait wonderfully while nature takes care of everything else. Accept it graciouly. Enjoy it. Delight.  Now, until and after you get what you want, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.


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