What Is It About David Lynch You Must Know?

“David Lynch is a popular film director. Loved by many, misunderstood by many. He is an artist, a painter, a filmmaker, a woodworker and has many other talents. Recently, Twin Peaks, The Return, his 18 part television series for Showtime, aired and ended.

He is controversial and audacious. Love him or not, he is a maverick in many ways. Why do I mention David Lynch? David is also a practiced meditator. He makes time for meditation twice a day. He meditates even while working hectic and long hours on a film set.

He’s said meditation revolutionized his life. I believe that. When he speaks on creativity and where his ideas and stories come from, he says, it’s as if they flow to him, from somewhere else. You have to catch them, like catching the big fish.

You Don’t Always Need A Plan Sometimes You Need To Breathe

Perhaps, as he describes it, ideas come, and he is receptive, because of all of his years meditating. He is patient. He allows. He is receptive. He is in a positive altered state while meditating. This way ideas CAN come to him because he doesn’t interfere.

He’s said, ‘An idea is a thought. It’s a thought that holds more than you think it does when you receive it. But in that first moment there is a spark … You fall in love with the first idea, that little tiny piece. And once you’ve got it, the rest will come.’

That quote is from David Lynch’s book Catching The Big Fish. It isn’t during mediation that the ideas come, but as a result of meditating. He clears and opens his mind and heart, the process of letting go in meditation. This becomes a way of life. Ideas then come at any time.

When we live in a state of abundance everything we desire flows to us automatically. When we are receptive, we more readily receive because we tap into more of our inner power.  Be willing eager and trusting and you will receive easily. Be open to allow it all in!

Be Open To The Inflow And Outpouring Of The Universe

Make it a practice of being in the relaxed flow of abundance. Ideas, are abundant. There are plenty for everyone. Imagine your life, and be grateful for all you have. When you imagine having more than enough of everything, are full, not lacking anything, more comes!

Flow. Imagine things flowing to you. Be receptive. Be open. Allow. Make this a daily practice habit. See love, peace, kindness, things, money flowing to you. Notice how it feels and enjoy these feelings. It is the inner reality that is important. Feel it fully. Live it inside.

Focus on what you want by noticing and appreciating everything you already have. Don’t get distracted by what is outside of you. Concentrate on the inner positive feelings. Count your blessings. You are more than enough. You have everything you need.

Open Up To The Great Flow Of Abundance In All Areas Of Life

Honor yourself as creative and powerful. Stay focused. Enjoy and delight. Relax and let go and allow all to come to you. Think, ‘Unexpected good always comes my way.” Expect it. Receive it. Open the doors and the possibility of letting things in. You do this through celebration. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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