What We Can Learn From David Lynch’s Twin Peaks

“I love the show by Mark Frost and David Lynch. Twin Peaks was phenomenal when it burst onto the television screen in the 90’s. Twin Peaks: The Return on Showtime 25 years later is phenomenal. There’s some  important lessons we can learn from this great show.

First, Twin Peaks is not for everyone. The new incarnation is brutal and the topic area, past and present, horrific. It is dark and twisted. Yet, in all of it, good exists and humor. Optimism in the face of terrifying and difficult times, prevail. There is good and evil.

Good may not always appear to win out at first. It may seem smothered at times, but keep the faith. Persist and stay true to the pursuit of the good. Keep your humor. Enjoy simple things. Have some coffee, pie or donuts. Remember, to ‘gift yourself’ says Cooper.

Grow Through What You Go Through

There is much to learn from inside the show. There is much to learn from the show design itself. Not everything is neatly wrapped up or explained for you. In this fashion, ABC’s Twin Peaks broke the mold of current TV in the 90’s and kept fans guessing for 25 years.

There are loose ends and rabbit holes. Lynch and Frost don’t tell you what to think or how to think. They let you figure things out for yourself. Not everything in life has answers you want. You may not like what you hear or receive. No one gives it to you. You seek it out.

What you find is up to you. You determine what you think it is all about. There is no fairy tale ending. There is no bad ending. There is no ending. It is open and you must decide where to go from here. It is all up to you. This story in in your hands. How do you resolve things?

Every Up And Down Provides You Lessons To Make you Strong

David Lynch has often said, as other artists have, that art is not to be explained by the artist but experienced by the experiencer. So what do you make of it? All three seasons of Twin Peaks, and the prequel Fire Walk With Me have been simultaneously loved and hated by fans.

That is art imitating life or life imitating art. Loose ends is all we have. We assign the meaning. Our lives are our stories. Our stories are our life. What do we tell? Do we love it or hate it? How much closure do we need to move on? There is no closure ever. Ever!

We are always in process. Keep seeking and you will find different meanings at different times. Secrets reveal themselves to those who persist. In the end, there may be no secrets. What will you do with that? What if it is all entertainment? What if it is just a ride to go on?

Life Isn’t Meant To Be Figured Out It Is Meant To Be Enjoyed

Perhaps, we never have it neatly wrapped up for us. Are you okay with that? Can you be thrilled with the ride just as it is? Twin Peaks is what it is. We interpret it. It doesn’t change for us, we adapt to it. Life is that way. Make the most of it while you can. Enjoy the ride.

Live in and with mystery. It is an ongoing process. It is eternal. There is nothing to really do except, accept all of it and, be grateful you can. Be glad you are able to have ups and downs. You are here. You are alive. You can be aware. You can live well if you choose. Let go of the need to make it something other than it is and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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