The Reason You Keep Suffering And How To Stop It!

“How do you create more happiness, abundance and success in your life? The way is, how you use your mind. What you think determines your reality, good or bad. Sad, but true.  Whether you get your goals or not is completely, and solely, up to you. It is true. Get it?

Whether you direct your mind, and whether it serves you or not, is the question. If you aren’t deliberately taking charge, then your mind is running you. You have all the reasons, stories, words, excuses, blames, whines, and more, for why you, and your life, are is it is.

Once you start directing your mind you begin to make changes. Either you are driving the car,  going where you want  to go, or someone is taking you for a ride. Which is it? Which will it be? You are either the driver or you are not. Which is it?  Get it? It’s up to you.

You Create Every Moment Of Your Life

When you begin to ask, ‘what do I want’ you shift your focus from what  you don’t want to what you do. Some people long, and yearn, after things they never attempt to get. That’s wishing and hoping, but that’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about decisions.

When you decide to pursue, to go after, to think about, your dreams and goals, and what you want to include in your life, you begin to change your words, your stories and your reasons. You begin to shift from what is wrong to what is right. This is a huge moment!

Often, it is subtle. Subtle, but profound. Eventually, that little change amounts to incredible progress. Your future depends on what you think right now. You aren’t just experiencing this moment you are creating the next moments by what you do inside your head. Get it?

Your Choices Determine Your Results

You determine what you, and your life, will be like days and weeks and months from now, by what you entertain between your ears, this moment. Whatever you predominantly, routinely, automatically, consistently think about most, is what you create and perpetuate.

There is no escaping this. You create your reality whether you want to believe it or not. Either you are or someone else is. Which is it? Take charge and live as someone who knows where they’re going and is determined to get there. Be positive and persistent. Do it!

Live the dream. Imagine it. Decide to make it happen. That is how nearly everyone else has accomplished their goals. A rare person is born to it or lucks into it. The rest make it happen working together with others. Mindset first and friendly co-operation, is the means.

Your Responses Determine Your Outcomes

Take control of your thoughts. Direct your mind. If you haven’t yet watched my discussion on Tonya’s Fabulous TV Show about using questions to direct your mind, and live more abundantly, then do it today. It’s brief. Here is the link, click on it now:

CLICK NOW To Watch Rex Sikes on The Fabulous Show  

Put into practice what you learn. The door will open and you can be delightfully surprised with the positive changes you make. Practice gratitude. Begin to feel wonderful! Do it today! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!

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