If It’s Not The Law Of Attraction What Is It?

“If it isn’t the Law Of Attraction what is it? You’ve heard, ‘like attracts like’ and ‘birds of a feather flock together’ so what gives? How come you don’t get what you want if like attracts like? Is the the LOA bogus? I never liked that name anyhow. It is misleading.

I don’t think the original intenders of the phrase we misleading about it, but it has been misunderstood for a long time. It is better to think of it as the Law Of Attention. You get back whatever you give your attention to. Good or bad. What you focus on actually expands.

It works this way. You want a new car, house, job, or money. You imagine getting it. But when you do you notice that you don’t have it and it seems a far way off. You wish you had it, because everything would change once you do. You don’t have it, but you continue on.

When You Look In The Mirror You Get Back What You Already Are

As you do this your attention is on the unwanted. Your attention is on not having it. You are focused on the lack of it. Your feelings let you know this because when you think about it, you don’t feel free and joyful, you feel as if something is missing, AND it is! Get it?

You notice not having it, and you get more of not having it back. It is working but not to give you what you want. You think you are focused on what you want BECAUSE you want it. BUT what you really are aware of most, is not having it yet. AND it’s painful.

So you remain not having it. For you to change it, you must get excited about having it, and imagine you already do. Then you get back what you are focusing on, actually having it. Your feelings determine what you get back. True joy brings more true joy. Get it?

Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

The knack of making it work is to remain joyful, feeling wonderful, and feeling like you already have it, ON the inside, even while it is invisible on the outside. You must keep the faith and the feelings in spite of current circumstances. That is why gratitude helps so much.

Focus on what you already have and feel truly grateful. Be happy about whatever you have. Express actual joy about it all and feel it fully. Then you begin getting more of the good feelings and more of the good things you have. Then you attract more of the good stuff.

Be thankful for your job, car, money or home. Then, BECAUSE of your ATTENTION to gratitude and the good feelings more can come your way. In fact, it doesn’t magically appear, but you open the doorway to get these things by your mindset and attitude. You make it happen. You bring it about. So feel good. If you want good things in your life, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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