Only An Idiot Would Think This!

“It is amazing how many people whine and complain that the world seems against them, but then they do nothing to make any change. They live as a victim rather than as victor. They’d prefer to follow than lead. What about you? Isn’t it time you take charge of you?

Some claim they want to be a better person. They want to improve but then spend most of their time distracted. They want help but then don’t help themselves. Hey, I know, I did this many years of my life. I wanted change but whined. I didn’t know what to do to get it.

Part of being a better person is being a better communicator. Learn how you can be more impactful, get through blocks preventing understanding and connection. Overcome objections, stop getting no’s and start getting more yeses. Important to you? Take action.

… Sometimes People Don’t Need To Be Told What To Do …

Want your kids to try a new food? Want your significant other to treat you nicer, or your customer to buy your product or service?Whatever it is, it is all pretty much the same. It is the sale of an idea to someone you have a relationship with. Get it? It is really a sale!

Watch the webinar I have placed here and learn how to influence with absolute integrity.  Regardless of what you do in life watch this webinar. Learn something. Stretch, get out of your comfort zone. The material in the webinar can revolutionize everything you do.

I repeat, and add, the material in the webinar, when applied, can revolutionize everything you do in your personal and professional relationships. When you know WHY THEY BUY you will be more powerful. This IS what you MUST seek to understand.

,,, They Need Someone Who Listens And Understands Them

Why does your child, your parent, your loved one, your boss, employee, friend, client, customer or stranger do what they do?. Why do they buy? What triggers their decisions? What do they need to say yes? Why do they say no? You need to understand THEM!

Only an idiot would think that ‘why they buy’ is only about ‘sales’. Okay, okay, I know that’s harsh but really, think about this and get it. Sales is an exchange within a relationship. It could be ideas, money time or services or whatever. It is an exchange within a relationship!

It is about how you interact with everyone. Yes, the presentations is skewed a lot toward professional sales but every ‘sales’ involves  A RELATIONSHIP with friend or stranger. The examples demonstrate how powerful you can be communicating with anyone! Get it?

CLICK  & WATCH WHY THEY BUY  WEBINAR It will open up like the window below which (you may also click on). It will take you to vimeo where you can watch for free. Set aside time to watch it all!

Access code is my name: rexsikes

Don’t miss out on learning something wonderful because you have a particular mental bias. Explore. Then if it isn’t for you, it isn’t for you. BUT it if is you may have just discovered something that will allow you to become more effective in the kitchen, the bedroom and boardroom, or herever you spend your time. You do want that don’t you? Watch ‘why they buy’ you will be glad you did AND be sure to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Access code is my name: rexsikes

Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!


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2 thoughts on “Only An Idiot Would Think This!”

  1. Agreed, it seems difficult because most people aren’t trained and don’t learn how to listen and interact well. Most think because they speak the other person understands. Sad, but the good news is, just as we are able to learn anything else we can learn to communicate better, effectively and efficiently, with integrity and get stunning results. Thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts. Stay in touch.

    I love spicy food and wine too! Life is good!


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