You’ll Never Be Free Until You Understand The Difference Between Mind And Matter!

What is your mind? Is it the brain? Is it within you or without? Excellent questions, but I am not going to discuss those. There is something far more practical and important I want to share with you that can make an incredible difference in your ability to thrive.

What is mind? Mind is duality. It is the collection of habits and experiences from birth to today. Mind is your inner voice that tells you whether something is possible or not. It informs you if you can be, do or have something or not. It is dual. It is yes and no. Get it?

It can be positive and negative. Mind is what you are most aware of without being aware of it at all. It is the thoughts closest to you that you think without realizing. It is the servo-mechanism designed to keep you the same, eliminate risk, and keep you alive. It’s a servant.

What You Believe Determines What You Make True

Yet, most people serve their mind.They do whatever it says, whenever, and get tossed about like a small boat on the sea. They live reacting to what they mind does. Do you? I sure have? We all have. Most still do. It is your inner critical voice. It is what stops you!

Mind reasons. It doesn’t matter whether its logic is accurate or faulty. The reasons can be insane or completely invalid. Still, those are the reasons we can or can’t be, do or have, something. It performs reliably, consistently, automatically, and habitually.

So what is matter? That’s much easier to briefly answer. Matter is the physical world. It is everything surrounding us. It shows us, it reveals to us, if we are savvy enough to become aware, the results of our thinking mind. Its the results of our thoughts and how we think.

Change Your Beliefs And You Change Your Reality

Mind affects matter. Matter affects mind. Most of us look at matter and accept it as a valid interpretation of what is. We think it is reality. We act, as if it is. We act from our beliefs and mindset, our thoughts and our limitations. Matter IS the story we tell ourself.

When we accept matter as accurate, valid, or true, we further perpetuate that which is. It becomes self-reenforcing and self fulfilling prophecy. We assume circumstances are accurate and real, and we operate from the limitations we hold of them. Get it?

We create our reality by our thinking. Then, we accept that reality, and that, in turn, affects how we continue to think about it. It is a perpetual loop. We spiral into more negativity the more negative examples we find. We find them, because we look for those. Get it?

Alter Your Mindset And You Alter The Results You Get

If you were to focus only on positive thoughts and how you imagined and intended the world to be, if you created and told and retold that story instead, you’d find examples to support that, and you’d create that reality. You’d perpetuate a positive reality. It would spiral up!

Mind over matter. Mindset first and foremost. Yet, when problems arise, instead of fixing and adjusting the mindset, people work on fixing the matter. They work on the wrong end of the horse, so to speak. It is a ‘mental’ issue not a matter issue. Most act otherwise.

In order to create and transcend, you have to get the order at which you work on things correct. Fix your mindset and the rest begins to fall in place. Fix matter and you still have a mindset that runs counter to it. Life doesn’t change until you change. Get it? I mean, do you?

We Are Exactly What We Believe We Are

If you don’t, it remains the same. Change yourself by learning how to control and manage your thinking. That’s what this blog, my work, and my programs, are designed to do; help you to create your best life ever. I am dedicated to help you transform yourself positively.

The universe, you, source, god, whatever you want to call it, is a field of pure potentiality. Infinite and limitless potential is what you are and what you possess. Only, you don’t yet, know that, or believe that with any certainty. Perhaps, you aren’t even aware of it, yet.

You transform when, you realize anything and everything is possible for you to be, do and have, anytime, anywhere. When you accept who and what you are, and live from that place of acceptance and knowing, then. When you believe in you! Doubt, doesn’t change you.

You Get What You Focus On You Get What You Think About Most

Knowing you are creating your every moment does. Accepting it and acting like it. A king or queen must act as one to rule effectively. A weak analogy but you should get the point. Learn who you are. Learn what you are. Learn what is available to you and claim it. Own it!

Act from your place of power. You are the owner of the mind. Take charge of it. Control it. Stop being a servant of your mind and be it’s master. Once you do, you will never be the same. You will open new doors of discovery and adventure, that will delight and surprise you.

Only you can do this. Only you will do it when you are ready to. Until then, you won’t get it or understand it. At best, it will be a concept you debate and remember. Most will think it’s  ‘crap’ and forget about it. Yet, this is how it works. You either discover it or you don’t.

You Are Your Thoughts You Are The Results Of What You Think

Best wishes! Wake up and claim what is yours.  ‘Reality’ is only a subjective, mental construct. Our thinking, feeling and acting, makes it what it is, OR, it changes it in a way that pleases us.  We can change our reality, when we change our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Remember, what we think, believe and expect, makes it so. Practice gratitude! Live full. Be joyous! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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