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What You Believe Can Kill You! Ask Mr. Wright. Ooops, You Can’t He Is Dead.

“The Placebo Effect states simply, if you believe something will benefit you, then it’s possible, and likely, it will. The Nocebo Effect states simply, if you think it will harm you, or have no effect, then it’s possible, and likely, it will. These effects  are well researched.

There is a famous real-life story about the placebo effect and Mr Wright. I shared this in an earlier blog post a while back. Mr. Wright believed a drug his doctor could get would save him based on what he read about in the press. His doctor administered a placebo.

The doctor told him he was getting the medicine he thought would help. His condition improved. Later, he read in the newspaper the ‘miracle drug’ didn’t work. His condition deteriorated. His doctor convinced him otherwise and his condition again improved.

You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You

Later, he read the drug was a hoax. He died. Both the Placebo and Nocebo effect were at work. They are always at work about everything. We are always thinking. It isn’t just in medicine, but that is where the effect became obviously known. Look it up.

People have believed in all sorts of things and found help. Lourdes, amulets, faith healers, Voodoo healing and Voodoo curses, the Evil Eye. The list is endless. If you believe a food or practice is healthy for you it is likely it can be, even if it isn’t. Your beliefs may make it so.

If you believe it is harmful, it too, can be likely, even if it isn’t. If you believe it will add weight to you or help you shed pounds, then too, it is possible. It is all about what you believe! Nothing is locked in stone. Our beliefs determine our reality more than the other way.

You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You

I am not suggesting you can or should do anything believing the opposite. It is about what you actually, truly. already believe is or isn’t possible. Snake handlers have demonstrated success and failure with this concept of faith. Don’t test your faith this way. It’s stupid.

Be wise about it. If you decide you will only eat sugar laden chocolate cake and that it will be healthy for you and you will lose weight, it is possible. It may or may not be likely so don’t be surprised if it works or doesn’t. Don’t try to make a sows ear into a silk purse.

If you are surprised it works you didn’t believe it to begin with. If it doesn’t work, you may not have actually believed that it would. You won’t fly believing you can, so don’t walk off a high ledge. That isn’t what this effect is about. Still, it can powerfully assist you.

You Cannot Escape The Power Of Your Thoughts

It can assist you in healing and in accomplishing your goals when you believe you are able to and will. Mindset first and foremost, then everything else can fall in place. Placebo works well together with medicine that works and Nocebo works against the same medicine.

This revolves around one of my favorite, and most powerful, quotes by Henry Ford, ‘If you think you can or you think you can’t you are right.’ What you believe tends to determine how far you will go. If you believe you can, then it is possible, but it isn’t written in stone.

You still have to make it happen. However, if you believe you can’t then you may not even bother to attempt it. Get it? You determine your future by how you think about it. You determine your past and present in the very same manner. What you believe matters!

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Whatever IS, is up to you. This is why I say consider everything a blessing because things can change when you do. Get it? Anything and everything is always up to you! No one else, but you! You determine whether you will make something happen. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


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You’ll Never Be Free Until You Understand The Difference Between Mind And Matter!

What is your mind? Is it the brain? Is it within you or without? Excellent questions, but I am not going to discuss those. There is something far more practical and important I want to share with you that can make an incredible difference in your ability to thrive.

What is mind? Mind is duality. It is the collection of habits and experiences from birth to today. Mind is your inner voice that tells you whether something is possible or not. It informs you if you can be, do or have something or not. It is dual. It is yes and no. Get it?

It can be positive and negative. Mind is what you are most aware of without being aware of it at all. It is the thoughts closest to you that you think without realizing. It is the servo-mechanism designed to keep you the same, eliminate risk, and keep you alive. It’s a servant.

What You Believe Determines What You Make True

Yet, most people serve their mind.They do whatever it says, whenever, and get tossed about like a small boat on the sea. They live reacting to what they mind does. Do you? I sure have? We all have. Most still do. It is your inner critical voice. It is what stops you!

Mind reasons. It doesn’t matter whether its logic is accurate or faulty. The reasons can be insane or completely invalid. Still, those are the reasons we can or can’t be, do or have, something. It performs reliably, consistently, automatically, and habitually.

So what is matter? That’s much easier to briefly answer. Matter is the physical world. It is everything surrounding us. It shows us, it reveals to us, if we are savvy enough to become aware, the results of our thinking mind. Its the results of our thoughts and how we think.

Change Your Beliefs And You Change Your Reality

Mind affects matter. Matter affects mind. Most of us look at matter and accept it as a valid interpretation of what is. We think it is reality. We act, as if it is. We act from our beliefs and mindset, our thoughts and our limitations. Matter IS the story we tell ourself.

When we accept matter as accurate, valid, or true, we further perpetuate that which is. It becomes self-reenforcing and self fulfilling prophecy. We assume circumstances are accurate and real, and we operate from the limitations we hold of them. Get it?

We create our reality by our thinking. Then, we accept that reality, and that, in turn, affects how we continue to think about it. It is a perpetual loop. We spiral into more negativity the more negative examples we find. We find them, because we look for those. Get it?

Alter Your Mindset And You Alter The Results You Get

If you were to focus only on positive thoughts and how you imagined and intended the world to be, if you created and told and retold that story instead, you’d find examples to support that, and you’d create that reality. You’d perpetuate a positive reality. It would spiral up!

Mind over matter. Mindset first and foremost. Yet, when problems arise, instead of fixing and adjusting the mindset, people work on fixing the matter. They work on the wrong end of the horse, so to speak. It is a ‘mental’ issue not a matter issue. Most act otherwise.

In order to create and transcend, you have to get the order at which you work on things correct. Fix your mindset and the rest begins to fall in place. Fix matter and you still have a mindset that runs counter to it. Life doesn’t change until you change. Get it? I mean, do you?

We Are Exactly What We Believe We Are

If you don’t, it remains the same. Change yourself by learning how to control and manage your thinking. That’s what this blog, my work, and my programs, are designed to do; help you to create your best life ever. I am dedicated to help you transform yourself positively.

The universe, you, source, god, whatever you want to call it, is a field of pure potentiality. Infinite and limitless potential is what you are and what you possess. Only, you don’t yet, know that, or believe that with any certainty. Perhaps, you aren’t even aware of it, yet.

You transform when, you realize anything and everything is possible for you to be, do and have, anytime, anywhere. When you accept who and what you are, and live from that place of acceptance and knowing, then. When you believe in you! Doubt, doesn’t change you.

You Get What You Focus On You Get What You Think About Most

Knowing you are creating your every moment does. Accepting it and acting like it. A king or queen must act as one to rule effectively. A weak analogy but you should get the point. Learn who you are. Learn what you are. Learn what is available to you and claim it. Own it!

Act from your place of power. You are the owner of the mind. Take charge of it. Control it. Stop being a servant of your mind and be it’s master. Once you do, you will never be the same. You will open new doors of discovery and adventure, that will delight and surprise you.

Only you can do this. Only you will do it when you are ready to. Until then, you won’t get it or understand it. At best, it will be a concept you debate and remember. Most will think it’s  ‘crap’ and forget about it. Yet, this is how it works. You either discover it or you don’t.

You Are Your Thoughts You Are The Results Of What You Think

Best wishes! Wake up and claim what is yours.  ‘Reality’ is only a subjective, mental construct. Our thinking, feeling and acting, makes it what it is, OR, it changes it in a way that pleases us.  We can change our reality, when we change our thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Remember, what we think, believe and expect, makes it so. Practice gratitude! Live full. Be joyous! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control And You Can Master Anything!


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Drop The Old Behold The New

“What stops us from leaping ahead and getting everything we want? Many people think it is what they do not know. That is incorrect. It isn’t what you don’t know that holds you back. It is what you do know that prevents you. Your mindset can be the limitation.

Science makes great strides and progresses by making a thesis and then trying to disprove it. If it can’t be disproved they accept it as a theory, until a better theory comes along to replace it. That is the nature of science, from theory to better theory. Progress is made.

Still, often times, the very people who explore the unknown, get wedded to what they already know, and forget their own scientific method. They state that something is impossible and can never be the case because of what they already know. Mindset traps us.

Going Into The Unknown Is How You Expand The Known

Even the best of us get caught in that mental trap. Scientists, on the forefront of progress can maintain something is impossible because they are relying on the science and studies of yesterday. Instead, of resisting they’d be better served by proposing a new theory.

The experts at doing things are often the very ones who tell us something can’t be done. It isn’t because of what we don’t know, because what we don’t know, we do not know. It is because of what we think we do know and we don’t. We can’t know everything.

Limitations exist mostly in our thinking. Those who make great breakthroughs aren’t limited by the known or the unknown. They remain open and positive. They can find or create a way. Often they are ridiculed and ostracized. Those who persist find the way.

Trust And Embrace The Unknown – Expect A Miracle

The same is true with each of us. We look to our history, our past, our prior results or lack of them, our outdated mental conditioning we adopted from others while growing up, and based on these less than useful assumptions decide we can’t do something.

We feel we don’t have what t takes or aren’t good enough. We blame ourselves or the world. We lose out. We miss opportunity because our focus isn’t on opportunity and what can be done, but on what isn’t working, why it isn’t working and what is wrong with us.

In order to do better we must go beyond what we know. We must forget and let go of limitations in our thinking. We must drop the conditioning that holds us back. Create new, positive, powerful thought habits and take inspired action to move ahead.

There Is No Failure There Is Only Feedback To Learn From

The past doesn’t equal the future. Learn from mistakes. Learn that you have abilities and resources within you that you have never, ever even begun to tap into, because your limited attention was on what was wrong and didn’t work. That is because of old conditioning!

Time to stop and decide a new unseen, unknowable way is possible. Time to put faith in you and jump light years ahead of where you are because you let go of everything that has held you back. Time to explore the unknown and discover how incredible you truly are.

If you don’t yet believe it RIGHTE THERE is an example of the limited thinking and conditioning you need to change. Stop believing the lies that say you can’t. Start believing you can. Then right now start doing something in a big, flamboyant, wonderful way.

You Can Always Find Or Create A Way – Become Invincible

Get jazzed. Feel thrilled. Get excited, enthused and joyful. Put a smile on your face. Sing, skip, dance! Move and shake things up. Put your energy into positive motion. Create what you want by discovering joy and passion and happiness that is right now.

Be grateful. Be thankful. Be positive. Be inspiring and motivating. Be alive for goodness sake. Raise the bar on your personal energy. You are more attractive and attract more when you do. Let go and let god as they say. Trust good things will happen. Make good things happen.

From your joy and passion create what you want. Stop focusing on the crap and the lack and the I can’t, the whining and complaining and blaming and excusing and take 100% responsibility for making good things happen. Make one good thing happen today.

Find Your Love Joy And Acceptance Of Yourself – And All Else 

Big or small. Do it. Do something positive that puts a smile on your face, someone else’s face and makes you both feel uplifted, Compliment someone, praise, give them a tiny gift. Enjoy everything around you. Find the good and the new. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

What can you find to be thrilled about today?

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Could This Video Change Your Life? Find Out Now!

horizons june-winds-phil-koch

“Our thoughts make up our reality. How do you overcome adversity and make your life what you want it to be? This is an incredible opportunity to go beyond your limitations and move into new dimensions; change limiting beliefs and start getting what you want.

Don’t be deceived by your  fears. Don’t pay attention to the negative thoughts. Learn to choose what you think. Learn to control your thoughts and feelings. It may take some work but it is worth it. You literally can do anything you want when you put your mind to it.

Make it work for you not against you.

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Isn’t that amazing? I sure hope you watched it. Perhaps, you will watch it more than once. Have a fabulous day. Live your blessings fully and celebrate everything! Rex Sikes

Remain magnificent!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Don’t Buy It When The Gurus Say You’re Screwed

horizons loves-pure-light-phil-koch

“Have you ever noticed that the self help law of attraction gurus tell you you must focus on what you want and that you attract only what you are. They emphasize the positive and the wanted and tell you to eliminate and ignore what you don’t want and wish to exclude.

Then they turn around and tell you the problem is you and your unwanted beliefs and behaviors and turn your focus from what you want to what you don’t want. The hidden recesses of your unconscious. They tell you it is hard to change and necessary.

I think they should tell it to you like it is. Yes, you learned old programs and were conditioned to believe them over time. You accepted them without realizing it and the are automated and reliable. they work without you having to think about it.

You Have All The Tools And Resources In You To Make Any Change

The brain works as it is designed. Learn, wire in neural pathways and automate it. The brain doesn’t care if the behaviors or thoughts are beneficial or not, good or bad, true or made up. Those aren’t in its pay grade. It only does what it is designed to do.

Keep you alive and help you function day to day. So if you learned to smoke and it became a habit, you smoke. One day you consciously decided to quit. You try but it is difficult. The huge engine of unconscious behaviors and habits run on and on.

As they are supposed to. It is not trying to sabotage you or prevent you from anything. It is doing what it learned to do.  It is working perfectly as it is designed. The only thing you need to do IS TO focus on what you want and nurture that.

Start Where You Are – Use What You Have – Do What You Can

Remember, the story of the two wolves inside you that are fighting. The one that wins is the one you feed. Feed what you want. If you think it will be hard then it will be. If you think it easy it will be. Beliefs are like that. What we belief tends to be the case.

We see from out mindset. We don’t see what is there. We see what we believe to be there. This is another function of the brain and the reticular activating system; to find matches within our experience and within our circumstances to our habitual mindset. The old one!

If you want to find new things you have to change the mind set. Stop thinking you are sabotaging yourself and realize you work perfectly well. You have changed some of your desires and now you want to go after them. Old habits remain but you can replace them.

Stop Doubting Yourself – Put In The Effort To Make It Happen

The easier you think it will be the easier it will be. It most likely won’t happen over night. We should still think realistically. It will happen soon enough as you keep at it. Encourage yourself, nurture yourself, feed yourself the positive, the productive, the joyful.

Leave the sabotage to the gurus selling another reason why you need them. Find your inner strength and happiness. Find your delight and celebration. Yes, there may, and most likely will, be speed bumps. That is all part of the wonderful universe we inhabit. Don’t focus on the speed bumps. Focus on where you want to end up. Celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

Today think spectacularly!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why Bad Things May Happen To Positive Good People


“Why does bad happen to good people? I switched posts today. I felt I needed to answer a pertinent question from a reader. Her question is one many may have. Her question and my answer follow. If you receive benefit from this blog, and any I post, please, share it so others might as well. Thanks. Enjoy.

Perception Is Not Reality But Your Thoughts Make It So

‘Lincoln, King & Gandhi were assassinated & Jesus was crucified. How do you explain their respective demise compared to their peaceful protests, their “love & compassion, acceptance, forgiveness & inspiration”. Was this in their thoughts also?? Of course I have an exception with Lincoln as he allowed the execution of Native Americans because they hunted off their reservation to feed their starving families as the government agent managing the reservation stole the food & sold it & at the same time writing the emancipation proclamation to free slaves. Just does not compute with me. Bridges collapsed with the bombs of assassination & crucifixion.’ Carol Ann

‘Yes, they faced great opposition. If you are asking did they also bring about their demise by harboring thoughts of it, I don’t know. I am not in their head and hearts. Perhaps, but perhaps not. Einstein stated that, ‘Great spirit must always contend with mediocre minds.’

Perhaps, that is more to the case. Perhaps not. However, it is likely that many reacted to their vision with hostility, making this probable. I don’t know. The answer I am most comfortable with others may not be. I don’t know that it is accurate.

That answer is, what is is.

It happened. Good things can happen to bad people and bad things can happen to good. It is what it is. As with anything and everything in life, something happens and our minds rush to assign a reason, an cause, an excuse, a blame or a complaint.

We react to events mostly from previous chronic habitual conditioning and neural wiring. We react. We can respond. We can learn we have choice. We can choose what we think and how it affects us. Most of us don’t.

Most don’t and sadly won’t because it requires effort to learn to create a ‘pause’ instead of behaving unaware. We have to create an awareness first and then choose how we will think and feel and act. It is possible and desirable to do so but fewer people will.

Once we create a pause we are free, freer, from that conditioning. We learn a new more supportive, useful habit. We wire in a new way to be. Accepting what is and being comfortable without having an answer is tough for many humans. Tougher for some than others.

It requires staying open, not knowing the reasons, not knowing the answers. It means not assigning anything to ‘what is’ but accepting it as ‘it is’. Our reasons, beliefs and assignments, our blames and complaints, as well as our productive, feel good ones are projections.

They aren’t truth. They are versions of possible answers. Potential answers, but are only fragments of all the possibilities. We have been conditioned to look for the single cause, the correct answer. There may or may not be any.

Nothing is wrong with our conditioning or our limitations, except that we mostly are unaware of the constraints that bind us. This is why waking up and becoming aware is important. We need to discover that whether answers are true or not they may be useful.

Rather than seeking truth, seek what the answer does. Does it support you or not? If it is supportive and uplifting great. If it is debilitating and harmful why chose it? I personally, believe awareness is mostly a matter of good taste.

Make wise choices that support us over less than glorious ones. Many make poor choices each moment. Learning how to do otherwise is part of our evolution. It is easier to fall into former chronic conditioning. We don’t have to think about it.

The old habits are the path of least resistance.

It is, at first, much more difficult to stay open and transcend that tendency. We can do it. We simply, first, need to become aware that we need to or want to do it. Awareness is the first step. Acceptance the second. We need to accept what is.

We accept what has been going on, and allow it. We need to accept we want to change. We need to bring our awareness to those moments and decide to be different. Usually, at first, it happens. Only later do we realize we thought and felt and behaved the same.

Eventually, we get quicker and quicker at noticing. At some point we manage to become aware ‘as’ it is happening and choose how to respond. We still need to remain open and accept whatever the outcome. Please realize I am using the word need.

We don’t need to do anything. It is desirable to do these things. we can do these things. Need is just another word. All of us choose whether we will or won’t. We are able to move ourselves forward, onward and upward.

That may mean having access to answers we otherwise wouldn’t or it may means answers aren’t so important. I do not know why things happen as they do. I don’t know if ‘the’ answer is accurate or not. I do not care. Is it useful. For me, it is useful but definitely not ‘true’.

There is no way I know whether it is true. I think we are all one with an infinite source of energy. We are the ocean. We are water. Whether together as the ocean or as individual drops on a side walk we are all ocean. Everything (including the sidewalk) is.

We have always been and always will be energy. The individual drops evaporate but remain. It goes back into the system. This energy is consciousness. Everything past, present, future, is. This energy allows for scenarios to play out for the ‘drop’s’ edification.

Struggles, hardship, disappoint, good times, family friends, enemies, ease and opposition are all aspects of it. The drop either becomes aware of this before evaporating or perhaps has some other opportunity.

Some versions of this think we go around once and a place awaits those afterward. Some of who believe that version believe the place is dependent on either a decision and relationship or on acts. A reward or punishment awaits.

Some believe the drops become new drops again and again until they no longer need to manifest as drops. Some believe nothing happens and it is over. Personally, I don’t know or care. I know, for myself at present, I am a drop and also much, more than a drop.

At some time this drop will evaporate. Form will change but energy will persist. I know as of now this is a reason, an answer, an explanation that may or may not be ‘true’. I allow for error. It is all okay. I am divine presence or energy as each of us are.

Whatever happens happens. What is is. How I live my life with love, joy, celebration is what moves me. I apologize I can’t provide a more definitive answer. I think there are laws to the universe that we attempt to understand and utilize if we are aware.

For example. We live on a very tiny globe in a vast expanding space. We are so very tiny yet we appear to ourselves somewhat large. We are huge compared to ants. Small compared to whales and elephants. Perception is everything. We see through a glass dimly.

The earth is spinning while revolving around a sun in s system that rotates as it expands outward into ‘gawd whatever is out there to expand into??’. I have no answer for this. It just appears to be what is based on what we believe we know from our human investigations.

Still there are seasons. There is day and night. There are ‘weather events’ as determined by us. Things happen. Things just are. ‘IS’. Day becomes night and night day. We go from season to season. Why? I don’t know. I only know I can utilize them.

I can plant seeds in one and harvest in another.

I can dress accordingly. I can enjoy or complain. It is what it is. How I respond determines how much joy I have or how much I miss. I hope in a small way I have answered your question. I do know, it is a question for which I have no answer.’

Your Boundaries are Determined By Your Perceptions And Beliefs

That was and is my answer to her, for now. It could change. I know there are people who will say so what, great answer or it sucks. Whatever they do they will do. I know there are people who fight over answers and go to war over issues.

People fight over what they believe. Perceptions are not ‘true’.

So no reader misconstrues: It is important to realize I am promoting what is good and positive. What can you do that benefits you and other humans? What expands and adds value to all of us Seek higher positive good. Love, accept more, create more peace.

Our Character Is Determined By Our Responses To Circumstances

I don’t feel the need to fight about it. I’d rather live and enjoy being the drop. I prefer to discover what I discover. Struggles, for me, are becoming more and more blessings. Opposition needn’t be feared or avoided or hated. Opposition can make us better and stronger.

The more I accept and say yes and allow the more I expand and become free and enjoy. The more I say no and attempt to exclude the more I  contract and feel less than glorious. Neither is ‘right’ or ‘true’ but one is more preferable for me. That is how or why I choose.

When and if I remember to be aware. It is much more likely I will be aware, and you will be, when filled with appreciation and gratitude for everything. When we delight and allow and accept in this fashion so much opens up for us. This is why I say celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make today a happy day for you and others!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How’d You Like To Get Lucky And Find More Good Fortune?

horizons a-front-row-seat-phil-koch

“Have you ever noticed some people just seem to have good fortune? They are lucky. Good things happen for them, to them and they always seem to be in the right place at the right time. They find money. They win prizes and awards. They seem blessed.

While it could be that they are, a better answer is that their brain is in tune with good fortune. This is part of what our Reticular Activating System does for us. It finds matches in our experience, and in the outer world, based on our mindset and filters.

A major concern of the RAS is to find out what is wrong, to notice that, so we keep safe. It scans the world checking for anything that could be problematic. It works on our behalf. Its other ability is to find matches with our point of view, our paradigm, our mindset.

Diligence Is The Mother Of Good Fortune

From our attitude, or our outlook on life, it finds matches in the real world and from our past experiences. It provides us examples. If you ask, ‘how come I am so uncoordinated?’ your brain will search to provide you the reasons, from your past, why you are as you think.

Whether you actually are or not, as long as you believe it, your brain will find it. On the other hand if you were to ask, ‘how come I am so fabulous?’ your brain would search to find those reasons and examples as well. The technical word is Transderivational Search.

You don’t have to know the word. It just means your subconscious does things outside of your awareness. It searches and comes up with the matches based on what you are consciously, and even unconsciously, paying attention to or focusing on.

Henceforth I Ask Not For Good Fortune – I Am Good Fortune

That is why we say, ‘what you focus on you get,’ or ‘energy flows where attention goes,’ or ‘you become what you think about.’ Your brain works to prove you right. It provides you the evidence based on the requests you make. It doesn’t care what the answers are.

If we have a positive happy mindset it finds positive happy things. If our outlook is negative it finds those. It does so based on our conditioning from birth onward. It is based on what we are thinking and  especially what we are feeling. Feelings are most important.

This is why, Law Of Attraction proponents state ‘you attract back what you are putting out.’ From the brain research standpoint this makes sense then. You do get what you focus on. You do get more back of what you put out. Birds of a feather do flock together.

Energy Flows Where Goes – What You Focus On Expands

So you want to manage your thoughts and feelings and feel or vibrate the very highest or most positive, using LOA vernacular. Get it? You can find more opportunities and positivity if you start from a positive place. That means you have to take action. Yes, YOU do.

You have to do something. You can’t continue to do what you have thought, felt and done because you will continue to get back what you always have. To change you must change things. You must act first and start thinking and feeling differently. You initiate it.

You can’t wait and hope because you will only get back more waiting and hoping. There is no one ‘out there’ doing it to you or for you. It is all your doing. You are responsible. You initiate the action, plant the seeds and reap the results. It is all up to you. Take responsibility.

Thoughts Become Things 

Over the next few posts I will share with you what you can do to begin this process or further move it along. So stay tuned and keep reading. Meanwhile, have a blessed day. Keep enjoying. Make your life fantastic. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Enjoy your day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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