Some Things That Might Make You A Better Person

“What makes a person a better person? I’d like to list a few things. This list is not exhaustive. It is in no particular order. It may mean different things to different people. That’s okay. It’s a guide. Anyway here goes. You are a better person when:

You discover who you are. You recognize and live your truth. You are aligned with your purpose. You are able to share your truth with others, with compassion. You have love, for yourself, and all life. You learn to accept everything as it is and, yet, you continue to improve.

You develop yourself. You manage your thoughts and mindset. You become more positive and optimistic. You choose to feel your very best. You endeavor to help others do likewise. You keep your commitments and promises and word because you have integrity.

It Is Good To Be Alive – Run Jump With Joy Celebrate Everything

You are honest, trustworthy and loyal. You are accepting, allowing and forgiving of yourself, others and circumstances. You are secure in yourself and celebrate others. You are confident and radiate well being, joy and friendliness. You focus on solutions.

You are a team player. You are a  leader. You enjoy helping. You go the extra mile for others. You enjoy life and like people. You share and care. You are enthused. You know how to communicate and positively influence, motivate and inspire yourself and others.

You pay attention to others. You listen and seek to understand. You invite rather  than push. Still, you can push when necessary. You are committed and have strong will. You are determined and ambitious but not envious or destructive. You are passionate and upbeat.

First Thing In Morning Think What A Privilege It Is To Be Alive

You learn to play the game so that you win, but others can win too. You know we are in it together. You think and feel well, and take inspired action. You’ve learned to trust yourself. You seek out accurate information to make decision. You explore. You’re curious.

You drop and ignore gossip and opinion. You seek the truth. You speak to bless, heal and prosper. You invite. You know how to be excited and relaxed. You can be calm and steady. You are resourceful. You know you already have everything you need.

You are filled with gratitude. You realize that everything is a blessing, even when it may be disguised. You expect unexpected good. You know everything will turn out well. Its fine that you are happy. Its fine that others are happy. You are open. You allow.

Learn To Wake Up Smiling And Launch Into You Day With Joy

You give and receive because you know both are important. You accept and celebrate when others move ahead. You celebrate yourself, and others, for wherever you, and they, are on the path. You understand it is a journey and you are in process. You don’t judge.

You allow, and accept them, and yourself, to be as you are. Still, you are able to seek to evolve and change. You look on yourself and others with compassion. You are hopeful, optimistic and positive. You are inspiring. You know attitude is everything. You’re curious.

You share because you don’t need to insist. You realize everything happens in its own time. You know what you want. You are clear about it. You know what you don’t want ,so you focus on what you do. You believe you can accomplish it or learn how to. You persist.

It Is A New Day – I am Alive – I am Blessed – I Am Thankful

You pursue it eagerly and enjoy the process. You navigate difficult challenges and overcome each because you recognize them for what they are; opportunities to grow. You keep the faith. You remain coommitted. You achieve. You enjoy. Then think, ‘next!’. And on you go. You delight. You celebrate everything.” Rex Sikes

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