A Powerful Yet Easy Way To Accomplish More Doing Less!

“You have a change you want to make but you don’t feel much like doing it. Yet you know you should. What to do? Is there a way to begin getting things done, accomplishing more, without getting burned out and giving up? Yes, there is! Read on and learn.

Whatever you want to do, whatever change you want to make for yourself, whether it’s personal or a task you want to accomplish, do some small part of it right away. Commit. Make sure you do something within 24 hours. 48 hours at the most. Just do it!

Do something small enough to begin right where you are. Don’t wait. Really, don’t let 24 hours pass without taking a small action. Want to clean your office?  Heck, throw out a magazine, or organize your pens. Anything that beings the process. THAT, you can do, right?

The More We Do The More We Can Do – Just Begin It! – Do It

It is all step by step, inch by inch. You don’t need to take massive action to get massive results. It is preferable to take minimum action to massive results. That is the 80/20 notion. Do 20% to get 80%. Okay, so begin doing something. Then do another small something.

Soon you will have completed the task. Once you begin it and do a few small things, it is more likely you will wish to continue. Motivation comes from doing, not from waiting. Get it? Do it! Do it right away. As soon as you can after you made the decision. Act on it.

You will soon find, if you work this way, you’ll be so much more productive. You’ll develop habits that support you. A 1% increase daily amounts to 365% increase in a year. That’s a great return on investment. So do a little each day and you will accomplish a lot! All the while you are doing so, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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