You Can’t Have It Both Ways!

“Some people try and noticeably fail. You just cannot have it both ways. Instead of being focused and putting their attention into what they want to include and keeping it there, they get distracted. They focus on what they do not want. They end up wishy-washy.

That ambivalence is keeping you stuck, if that is what you do. You can’t have one foot on the dock and another on the boat and feel comfortable and well off. You can’t want wealth, while thinking and telling stories of scarcity, lack and hardship. It just doesn’t work!

You can’t have health, focused on illness. Nor, can you have love while focused on loneliness or resentment. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t have peace if you are a warmonger. Energy flows where you attention goes. The story you tell, is what you live from.

Singular Focus Creates Success – Divided Attentions Prevents It

In order to have what you want, you need to think, speak and act like you already have it. Pretend it in your mind. Feel all the good feelings of enjoying it, now, on the inside. As a kid you used your imagination. Successful, happy people still do! They know how to focus. Get it?

They know what to focus on. You can to! Do it today. Focus on what you want without paying any attention to not having it yet. Create an inner world where it is already yours. Stop telling stories to yourself and others of woe. Speak only to bless, heal and prosper!

Let go of the bad and focus only on the good. Let go of the scarcity and lack of anything, and only focus on including what you want. Be grateful for what you already have, whether it is little or a lot. Feel the appreciation. As you do, your energy will change. It really does!

Focus On Opportunities And You’ll Have More Opportunities

Be grateful. Gratitude works wonders. When you stay true to what you want and let go of the rest, you open doorways to create  it. When you stay true to one side, your mindset, your feelings, your energy and actions align. You align yourself totally with making it happen. That is power! Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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