Some Useful Secrets To Powerful Transformative Affirmations

“People ask me what affirmations are good to use. They ask me what I use. The most powerful are, anything that follows ‘I am’ in present tense. Such as, ‘I am confident. I am loving. I am rich. I am intelligent. I am healthy.’ Phrase it as if it is currently the case. You’re it, right now.

It is simple! Most important are the feelings you say the affirmations with. Even more important than the words are the emotions behind the words. So say them with conviction, passion, enthusiasm, confidence and joy. That is what is truly important. I promise you!

If you feel nagging doubt when you say the affirmation there are two things you should know. One, you may be comparing where you are to where you want to be, and notice the difference, and  feel less than glorious. Stop that! Focus on what you want, as if it is reality.

Whatever You Focus On – Talk – Read -Think About – You Create

Two, anytime you seek to make a change your brain, attempting to keep you safe and the same, will throw doubt, worry, fear, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts at you, to attempt to keep you from changing. It is why most people abandon the pursuit. Stop it.

Don’t let a thought prevent you from doing something good and positive for yourself and others. Stop listening. Put your attention elsewhere. Say, ‘thanks for sharing  but I go this covered. I’m going to go ahead and be rich, health, intelligent and loving anyway. Thanks!’

Don’t fight it. Work with it. Accept it and divert it. Use the phrase I just gave you. Take a break. Go for a walk. Take some deep breaths. Jump up and down. Interrupt the pattern when it fires off by doing something else. Anything else! Just be safe about it. It works.

When You Affirm You Imagine – If You Imagine – You Can Create 

If it just won’t seem to go away, and IF you repeat your affirmation with conviction consistently, EVERY day, IT WILL. But, in the event you can’t see your way through it, and make the changes for yourself, you can always ask a question or place yourself in a learning process.

You can say, ‘I wonder how soon before I feel really healthy. I wonder how soon before I realize how truly rich I am. How quickly can I discover it is easy to feel confident.’ This is an aspect of using my Directed Questions™ approach. Another aspect of it, is this.

‘I am in the process of getting really, really healthy. I am learning how to appreciate how rich I am. I am in the process of learning to be delightfully confident in the appropriate situations’ Get it. You direct your mind gently without setting up any conflict. You’re in process.

If It Is To Be It Is Up To Me – Accept Responsibility And Do It

Of course, the wise person will realize you can do both and blend them. So I hope you will. What follows are a few of the affirmations I use morning, before bed and throughout the day. You can  use affirmations from others, but it is best if you create your own.

‘I love my life. I am blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Everything always works out for the best for me. Unexpected good always comes my way. I don’t know how, but everything always works out and I am grateful. Thank you. Thank you Thank you!’

Well, there you have some tips and some affirmations. Put it into daily regular use and you will transform your life and experience. Do nothing with it, and nothing much may change. It is the application of knowledge that is transformative, not the knowledge, itself. Get it? Do it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Some Useful Secrets To Powerful Transformative Affirmations”

  1. Thank you Rex. Not just for this post but for all you share.

    For me, as you indicate, the real key is to actually do the affirmations, which mostly I haven’t, yet when I have they have had an effect.

    In any event, something else that can be useful to bypass, avoid, and transcend the potential cognitive dissonance that can happen if there is a discrepancy between the affirmation and what we have been currently taking to be true is to couch the affirmation in a bigger statement, e.g. I now choose to do whatever it takes to be able to truthfully say “I am living a rich and abundant life”. That was our system still hears and registers the affirmation and yet, because of the larger sentence it is embedded within, it can’t really be argued with. Plus the larger sentence includes the idea of choice and the necessity to take action.


    1. Thanks Mark. Awesome. AND yes you share an excellent point. The affirmation is actually embedded into a larger structure in my work with Directed Questions™ with some additional extras for making them more powerful and easy for the brain to readily act on. Yes, yes yes! Thanks again and all the best!

      Liked by 1 person

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