The Parable Of God The Farmer And The Wheat Crop

“So many readers responded favorably, I thought I’d share another story. God was minding his business when approached by an old, weathered farmer who had an axe to grind. God could see the man was not pleased. ‘ What gives?’ Asked God. ‘Need something?’

The man said quite angrily, ‘You may be the  big guy, you may be top dog, god, yada yada yada ,who flung the stars into the sky and created the world, but you don’t know the first thing about farming. You are not a farmer at all! You have got a lot to learn, pal!’

God asked, ‘What do you suggest I do? The farmer said, ‘Give me a year! One bloody year. Leave everything to me. Don’t interfere. Let me run it. I’ll take care of everything. You do what I say because I know what works. You’ll see how it works. You big enough to do it?’

What We Call Failure Is Necessary –  Through Struggles We Learn

‘At the end of a year there will be no poverty at all. You will see!’ God was game. He gave the farmer one year. The farmer asked god for the best of everything. Great weather. No storms, no lighting or thunder. No high winds. No high heat. Everything was perfect.

When the farmer wanted rain it rained. When he asked for sun he got sun. The wheat crops were growing fast and high. They grew taller than they ever had. Everything was perfect and comfortable. Everything was easy and the farmer was thrilled and delighted.

He approached god and said, ‘What did I tell you. Take a look at these crops. Bigger and better than ever. Did I tell you, or what? We have a bountiful harvest coming that will feed people for a decade! Aren’t you glad you put me in charge? You learned something I bet.’

Man Needs Difficulties – They Are Necessary For Health

When the crops were harvested there was no wheat inside. Empty! The farmer was shocked and dismayed. He asked god, ‘What happened? What went wrong?’ God said, ‘Because there was no conflict, no storms, no challenges to the crops, they didn’t grow’.

‘You avoided everything that would cause them to grow strong. You wanted everything perfect and comfortable which made the wheat impotent. Storms, high winds, dry spells, lightening all challenge the crop and help it grow strong and firm and vital. You avoided that.’

“Struggle is necessary for it to be vital. Challenge is good for the soul of the wheat.’ Don’t be like the farmer. Don’t try to escape challenge learn that it is as necessary as night is to the day. Muscles grow through resistance training. So do we. Understand this and you will grow strong and move forward faster. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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