The Tale Of A Mystic God And An Old And Young Man

“Indian mystic Narada was off to see god. As he journeyed he played his veena, a stringed instrument. In the midst of a forest he encountered an aged monk sitting against a tree. The old monk asked Narada to ask god a question when Narada saw him.

‘Please tell him I have been making great efforts for three lives now. When, oh when, will he see fit to allow me to be enlightened and free?’ Narada agreed that he would ask and continued on his journey to meet up with god.

Turning a bend in the forest path he found, under another tree, a young man dancing and singing. Narada, being a man of humor, asked the young man, ‘Would you like to ask god a question?’ The young man kept dancing. He didn’t reply. Narada thought he’s deaf.

Trust And Let Go – Celebrate Everything – Be Grateful And Play

He asked again. The young man continued to dance, sing and play on his ektara as if he had not heard. Narada journeyed on. After a few days he returned. Seeing the old monk again, against the tree, he told him god’s news. ‘He said, ‘three more lives.’ The old monk raged.

He got so angry he shook his fists at the sky, threw down his scriptures and prayer beads and exclaimed, ‘this is too much! Three more lives! So unfair!’ Leaving him Narada again encountered the young dancing and singing man. He continued to dance and sing.

‘Although you did not ask, I asked god for you. How many more lives will this young man have to live before his liberation? God replied, ‘tell him he will have to be born and lead as many lives as there are leaves on the tree he dances under. ‘ The young man danced more.

Drop And Release The Old Limitations And Become Totally New

He danced more enthusiastically! He seemed in ecstasy. ‘Really, so few? So fast? There are so many trees in all the world and I only have to live this many more lives? Next time you go to see god give him my thanks!’ It is said the young man became enlightened right then!

Dance, play, sing, enjoy life. Delight. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch


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