How To Have A Wonderful Life

“I have a wonderful life and have had the wonderful opportunity to also assist and encourage others. I am blessed in so many wonderful ways. I am thankful each time someone takes charge of their own thoughts, life and experience and decides to move forward.

It’s exciting and feels awesome when people move forward in their own best interest. I love it. It is a marvelous reward to encourage others and see them advance as they wish to. Whether my family, friends or strangers, supporting and uplifting others is incredible.

All of us are blessed through opportunities. Everything is a blessing and opportunity, even when, or if, we can’t recognize it as such right up front. Living successfully means being who you want to be, uncovering that fullness, and then doing what you want to do.

Train Yourself To Find The Blessing In Everything

It means having what you want to have, all the while allowing others to do the same for themselves. It is all positive even when ‘it’ isn’t. How I, and you, can make this and more possible is by focus and attention. Yes, energy and attention make all the difference!

What you put your attention on or what you pay attention to is crucial! Some people  pay attention to problems, difficulty, scarcity, anger, sadness, frustration and lack. Stop it. That won’t bring happiness and fulfillment. Hopefully, you have stopped doing this.

It may, however, be the impetus for shifting attention from those elements to more positive ones. When a person is finally fed up, had enough, and decides to make a powerful, permanent, positive change all things become possible. This person becomes new!

The More Grateful You Are The More You Have To Be Grateful For

THEN having been focused on what isn’t working WAS useful to get one to change. However, it is not how anyone should live. Some people just must bottom out before they move upward. What you pay attention to and what you focus on makes a difference!

More in the next blog post. Meanwhile, focus on what you already have and what you want to create for your future. Feel the incredible feelings of already having these. Savor and enjoy. Be grateful. Feel it. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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