How To Have A Wonderful Life Part 2

“In my last blog post I shared how anyone can learn to have a more glorious and wonderful life. If you haven’t yet read that post I invite you to stop and read that one first. I’ll continue now to discuss the important power of your attention and your focus.

What you focus your attention on and for how long you focus on it matters mightily.  I repeat, what you focus on and the amount of time you spend focusing on it makes a critical difference as to the results you get. The strength and intensity of your focus is also crucial!

If you give passing thought to the good things but mostly concentrate on what is wrong, and what you don’t want, during your day, you get back precisely what you give most of your energy and time to. If you’re worried about crap, you will remain in the crap!

Accentuate The Positive – Eliminate The Negative

Get that? I mean do you get that? You must understand. Whatever you focus your flashlight of attention on is what you see and get. If most of your time is negative you will live mostly a negative life. To have a good or great life you must shift the balance to the positive.

Intensity makes a big difference! Some people focus strongly with great emotion for long hours, or days, on their problems and what they absolutely do not want. 20% crap gets you an 80% crap life!  That doesn’t lead to happiness and success! Get it? Do you get it?

What leads to a positive life is a positive, passionate, powerful, long term focus on the positive and productive aspects you want more of in your life. Focus on the good things with energy and  great passionate emotion! Focus on positivity most of your time! I repeat.

Celebrate Everything – Be Grateful – Find Blessings In All 

Focus on positivity for most of your time. Feel good most of your time, and your life changes. Mindset rules everything else. Most people keep missing this important piece. It isn’t hard work to change your life. Focus on the good to have a good experience!

If you don’t already do this naturally, then you MUST learn to if you want to live a wonderful life. The great news is ANYONE can learn to think better and create a better, even fabulous life. You simply must decide to being to do it right now! If you will, you’re on your way!

Is effort required? Sure, but as Napoleon Hill stated, when it came to being fabulously well off, in Think and Grow Rich, ‘When money comes, it is never the result of hard work.’ It is the result of having your mindset right. That is the truth about happiness too!

Whatever You Focus On Expands – You Get What You Focus On

How do I spend my time? In the present, as much as possible, savoring what IS, imagining and manifesting more of the future as I intend it to be, while enjoying all of it as it unfolds. It is a beautiful experience we all can have. So, pay attention. Focus your thoughts!

Make your mindset magnificent. Shift! Develop a positive powerful attitude. Become excited. Become passionate. Become positive. Feel grateful and practice gratitude. Delight more. Mope less. Do the thinking that makes a difference! Take action and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “How To Have A Wonderful Life Part 2”

  1. How can l live and think positive when l am penniless ? When l have to shoulder so many burdens and nothing goes right ? Through ages of experience l have learnt one thing MONEY IS EVERYTHING.
    Regards Lipi


    1. Money follows mindset. Sad but true. OR very good news. That means when you get your mindset, your thinking and attitude right then everything else can fall into place. Most people haven’t learned this. They were taught or learned that they need money and things first and then they will be happy or positive. It is exactly the reverse. When you are positive and happy you are clearer and more resourceful than when stressed. The truth is, most all people face the same challenge – how to learn to manage thoughts and feelings when things aren’t going well. If a person thought about it for a second you’d realize that is the only time one can learn to manage their thoughts and feelings. If everything were already rosy there would be no need.

      Time to change is right now. If you want things in your life to change you must change things in your life. If you always do what you always did you will always get what you have always got. There is never a better moment than right now to learn how to take charge of your thoughts and feelings. When you do, the future is yours. You can learn to be, do and have anything you desire. The key is to become it, then you will do the things that bring you what you want to have. Most everyone has this backwards. The think having things will make them happy. They think if they do things they will have things and then be happier. Nope… you be happy, then everything else follows. This is why I write this blog.

      This is why I have dedicated 2/3rds of my life to assisting others in making positive changes. If any one person can do it, then you can. Have faith. Start believing in yourself and begin to realize you can transform. You can imagine a better life, believe in yourself to make it happen and then bring it about. Mindset is everything. Your attitude determines your altitude! All the best wishes. Fill your mind daily with positive thoughts and create daily positive rituals. It may take some time but it works! Persist and you will discover how incredible you already are!


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