Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen. Are You?

“‘When the student is ready the teacher appears.’ I am always willing to invite people to a party but they determine whether they show up or not. I prepare a buffet. They choose what to eat. I leave it to them. I can expose them to a variety of ways to think about things.

I can lead the horse to water and show the horse a variety of great drinking sources. I can even suggest to the horse, it might wish to try one of the old, the new, or the different choices, but I can’t and won’t and don’t force them to consider what they aren’t able to consider.

The decision to listen, learn, and to apply is up to you. It is an inner job. It is all within you. I don’t judge if one is ready or not or worthy or not. When one is ready the lesson one is learning is revealed with or without an outer teacher. We can learn from all circumstances.

If You Think You Can Or Your Think You Can’t – You Are Right

No one can save a fool from oneself either, so the saying goes. That means, I leave them alone after the invite is made. I can’t and don’t judge, nor can I force, nor will I force them to come to the party. I was invited and didn’t go for years. One day I decided I would go.

I am glad I did! The Bible says, ‘Many are called but few are chosen.’ In this instance, I take that to mean, showing up after the invitation is made. I don’t use it to suggest someone is actually chosen. You can decide that for yourself. My point, it is up to you. Get it?

Everyone sleeps. Everyone eventually wakes up but not all at the same time. If someone still sleeps while I am awake, so what? I was asleep once. They’ll awaken too. You can’t push a rope. Let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t poke them with a stick! Enjoy them and love them.

Seeing Yourself Or Another As A Friend Or A Foe Is A Choice

Accept them. Listen to them. Don’t try to convince. Don’t berate them with your reasoning. Invite them and let them decide whether or not they will show up. Let’s learn to live without judging. Let’s learn to allow and go with whatever the flow is. Wherever it goes.

Concern yourself with your own transformation. Let others do the same. Live and let live. Learn to realize everything is a blessing when you choose to view it that way. That means everything is good and there is opportunity within all circumstances if you decide it is so. Never lose faith. Stay positive and delight in all. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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One thought on “Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen. Are You?”

  1. The decision to succeed in life should be our own zeal.

    Yes! We are learning, yes, we have gone to school.

    We have great opportunity today than it was yesterday.

    Let us decide to use the resources that we have for our own good.

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