How To Pursue Your Goals And Not Be Attached

“How do you live without desire? How do you reconcile this concept with Napoleon Hill’s principle that one must have a burning white hot desire or obsession for accomplishing one’s goals in order to achieve them. Conceive, desire, believe, persist, and achieve.

Here is how you do it. You do everything Napoleon Hill suggested you do. You develop the mindset, the attitude, the faith that you WILL, come what may, or no matter what, achieve your goal and fulfill your destiny. You will live your vision. You work it and persist.

However, how it unfolds, what it ultimately looks like you are not wedded to. You do whatever it positively takes without harming yourself or others, no stepping on toes, with faith that it will happen and let go of how it actually happens. That is not within your control.

Relax  Let Go  Enjoy  Delight Appreciate  Accept Celebrate 

This is where you give it over to the ‘universe’ to accomplish it. This is why you can confidently say, ‘I will be X, I don’t know how I will but I will be and I am glad.’ You allow anything to happen along the way and you adjust and continue without attachment or judgement.

You know in your heart that it will be whatever it will be and that everything will, because it always does, work out for the best. You don’t get caught in the details. You continue optimistically without getting hooked or caught up. You enjoy the journey each moment.

No matter what happens it is what it is. Everything is a blessing even opposition, hardship, challenge, obstacles and temporary defeat. It is all part of the adventure and you are a willing and able an explore with a positive mindset. You do what you can and you let go!

Life Is Available Only In The Present Moment – Live Each Moment

Get it? You don’t try to control things you simply do things. The results you get are always feedback. If it didn’t work you do somethings. You fail forward and learn from it, adjust and go happily on your way, having learned, having changed, having been blessed.

When everything all along the way is a blessing, no matter what it is, you live happier and healthier. You take the feedback and go on. Your attitude is aligned and congruent with who you are and what you are doing. You live in the moment. You allow each moment its magic.

Your focus is the present. You do what you can do. Your focus and concentration is being here not. A flower takes in nourishment and grows without caring or toiling.  You live happily in gratitude and with appreciation for all. You enjoy, delight and are able to, and do, celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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