The Past Doesn’t Matter But This Is Crucial!

“It doesn’t matter what you have done, or where you have been, or what has happened to you. The past is over and done with. If you are still carrying it around as baggage, drop it. Your future is not dependent on your past. It is only dependent on one small thing.

Your future isn’t dependent on how you grew up, what you did or didn’t have, your prior past conditioning, your mistakes or ‘failures’, you disappointments or heartbreak. None of it matters. The only thing that matters is what  you do next! What is your first next step?

If you want your life to change, you must change some things in your life. You can’t keep doing the same things over again and again and expect it to be different. Yet, that is what many people do. Stop that. Choose to be different! Choose to think, feel and act different.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Some Things 

Then begin. What you do next, following that decision, IS ALL that matters. Take the step. Commit to speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself. Commit to thinking positive thoughts and shift away from the negative when you notice it. Get it? Take a step!

When you notice yourself feeling bad, shift from whatever you are thinking about. That ‘negative’ feeling is the signal to pay attention to. It is alerting you that you need to change your thoughts. Shift away from the negative thoughts and feelings to positive thoughts

Your thoughts determine your feelings. Change what you are thinking about and you change how you feel. You won’t feel differently continuing to thing the same thoughts. You must change them. When you do you can begin to feel different. Stop and change.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. Neurons that fire together wire together. One negative thought produces or attracts another. Soon you will have a flock BUT one positive thought produces and attracts another positive. Soon you will have a flock.

All that matters is not what you have got, but what you do next, with awareness. Become aware of what isn’t work and shift from that to something better. Feeling down, make it a point to feel a little bit better. Take one step toward feeling better then keep on stepping.

Step by step you get there. Too many people want a BIG result and instant transformation and miss out. They wait for fireworks when instead transformation can begin in small ways and explode exponentially. 1% of change a day is 365% of change in a year.

It Is Never Too Late To Change Your Life – Begin Today

1% off on a rocket to the moon and that spaceship will miss the moon by millions and millions of miles. A small degree of change amounts to incredible results BUT ONLY when you instigate and follow through on that small degree. Do it daily, moment to moment.

Do nothing and get nothing. You will have what you always did. Change something, anything, for the better and you will begin to change everything. Drop by drop the tub fills. Put into practice small positive daily rituals that don’t seem like much. They are easy to do.

Keep doing them and you’ll get mountains of change. Everything can and will change, you just have to begin and follow through. Expect good results but you won’t see them for awhile. Seeds germinate under ground in darkness, you don’t see it happening right away.

You Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time – But You Still Eat It

A seed takes time to sprout a plant takes time to bloom, but once it does blossoms abound. One plant can produce thousands of seeds. Expect good results and be patient. Have fun, take it easy. Do something and make it routine. Find the blessings and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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