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How To Live Your Best Life Most Easily

“When it comes to learning there are four phases we go through. The first is Unconscious Incompetence which means you don’t know you don’t know. Before you ever saw someone ride a bike you were not conscious it was possible, and you were incompetent to do it.

Next we become aware. We become Consciously Incompetent. We know we can’t do it and we can’t do it. From here we eventually move into Conscious Competence. We are doing it, albeit imperfectly as neophytes. We talk our way, struggle, though it.

We spend the longest time in Conscious Competence talking our way through it, celebrating the changes or criticizing the frustrations. Most people aren’t very positive learners, having gone through our educational system public and private. We suck.

You Go Where Your Thoughts Take You – So Stay Positive

We suck at learning. We think we should be further along than we are. We want to be perfect right from the start. We pressure ourselves while learning which makes it more difficult. More than that, learning is not just knowing, but successfully doing things.

HOW we go through this phase determines, to a large extent, how soon we get to Unconscious Competence. Unconscious Competence means we make the new behaviors reliable habits that are automatic so we don’t have to think about doing it any longer.

We go through this sequence learning everything  For example,  learning to drive a car. You talk your way through it consciously. One day you find yourself driving while doing other things. You get lost in thought, converse, bop to music, and more, all the while driving.

The More You Do The More You Can Do – Skill Comes Of Doing

If you want to get to Unconscious Competence sooner get out of your own way. Realize the more  fun, discovery, and celebrating of ‘wins’, and even the goofy moments, with joy and enthusiasm, and high vibe, allows you to learn much more quickly. You get it faster.

You learn, not only more quickly but easily, when your attitude is right. Accept there will be plateaus and setbacks on the learning curve and you learn it easier. The more you enjoy the process, the more readily you transform, all while living more fully as you do.

AFTER all, why suspend living your best life presently while you are learning how to do it? The more high vibe and joy you do everything the more your life qualitatively transforms from okay to marvelous. Plus, you become Unconsciously Competent in living your best life ever. It is a marvelous and unprecedented opportunity to live well and live large even while learning how to do it. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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How To Understand And Utilize The Learning Curve

“Each person, the learner, needs to realize there is a learning curve. As you go through it you need to take time and relax. Enjoy the process of learning. You may be learning something you never knew or have done before. Be gentle on yourself. You are a newbie.

When learning adopt the attitude that it will be fun, there may be speed bumps but you can get over those easily. Stop pressuring yourself to be perfect doing something you never have before. Cut yourself some slack. Go easy. Stay with it. Play with it. Enjoy!

Whenever you do the correct things, repeatedly, consistently, for long enough, you begin to make that a habit. What I just described is the process of habit formation whether you intend to create one or not. Everyone of us has gone through this process infinite times.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

We develop the neural pathways of thought, feeling and behavior through repetition. Trying to stop a habit is difficult. Replacing one habit for another is much easier. It still requires the same process to learn the new habit so be patient. Be persistent. Relax and allow it.

When you go through the process of deliberately choosing a new mindset you’ll discover new ways of being opening up to you. When you first start the process of change all your former habits revolt attempting to keep you the same. It happens to everyone. Relax.

Recognize this and relax!  it is a good sign. It truly is. The barriers and walls and blocks will eventually crumble. The fact that they are fighting with you means you are on the precipice of change. There is the saying ‘old ways die hard’. They’ll fight. You’ll win if you persist.

Children Learn So Much More Through Play And Pretend

Stop responding the old way! Begin responding the new way. Yes, it takes commitment but it is worth it. It happens more quickly the more you accept the process. Don’t fight the process. Just stop! Negative thoughts or feelings will arise as you move forward.

Keep moving forward. Shift away from the negative. Focus on the positive. DO THOSE things that help you feel a bit better. Develop success habits. The only way you develop them is to do them over and over again until they become supportive reliable habits.

Keep the faith. Enjoy the process even when it isn’t enjoyable!! Think of it as  building your mind and will as you would build your body. Regular routine nutrition and exercise, long enough until you get the results you want. Then, it gets easier and is maintenance.

Notice It – Own It- Play With It – Stay With It – Make Learning Fun

Play with the things I’ve offered you. Begin by mastering the basics. That takes time. Yes, it takes commitment and effort. Nothing is free! If you want heat from the wood stove you need to cut the wood and put it in the stove and light the fire prior to getting heat.

So when you notice yourself thinking or feeling less than glorious, stop, breath and shift your thoughts and your physiology to something more productive and positive. Move, walk, sing, dance, smile. Think positive and keep thinking positive. Stay with this.

Stick with it. Keep at it. Let go and relax and have fun. I promise you IF you did nothing but made gratitude a habit and celebrated your life, moment to moment, most, if not all, issues would resolve, as if by magic. IT ISN’T magic. It is you doing it!

Only You Can Do It – No One Can Do Or Decide For You

The world may still hurl crap at you but you become different and learn to respond differently. SO stop thinking you need to get or be somewhere else. The destination is not the goal. Learning how to enjoy the journey right now, this moment, is the only goal you have.

Take care of the present and the rest will take care of itself. Live with passion and positivity. Enjoy this second. Celebrate it even when it seems hard. THAT is WHAT IS! That is the moment. You can enjoy it or choose not to, but that is what life offered right now. I suggest you transform yourself by leaning to celebrate. When you do YOU transform. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control You Can Master Anything!

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The Past Doesn’t Matter But This Is Crucial!

“It doesn’t matter what you have done, or where you have been, or what has happened to you. The past is over and done with. If you are still carrying it around as baggage, drop it. Your future is not dependent on your past. It is only dependent on one small thing.

Your future isn’t dependent on how you grew up, what you did or didn’t have, your prior past conditioning, your mistakes or ‘failures’, you disappointments or heartbreak. None of it matters. The only thing that matters is what  you do next! What is your first next step?

If you want your life to change, you must change some things in your life. You can’t keep doing the same things over again and again and expect it to be different. Yet, that is what many people do. Stop that. Choose to be different! Choose to think, feel and act different.

If You Want Your Life To Change You Must Change Some Things 

Then begin. What you do next, following that decision, IS ALL that matters. Take the step. Commit to speak only to bless, heal and prosper yourself. Commit to thinking positive thoughts and shift away from the negative when you notice it. Get it? Take a step!

When you notice yourself feeling bad, shift from whatever you are thinking about. That ‘negative’ feeling is the signal to pay attention to. It is alerting you that you need to change your thoughts. Shift away from the negative thoughts and feelings to positive thoughts

Your thoughts determine your feelings. Change what you are thinking about and you change how you feel. You won’t feel differently continuing to thing the same thoughts. You must change them. When you do you can begin to feel different. Stop and change.

If You Really Want To Do Something You Will Find A Way

Like attracts like. Birds of a feather flock together. Neurons that fire together wire together. One negative thought produces or attracts another. Soon you will have a flock BUT one positive thought produces and attracts another positive. Soon you will have a flock.

All that matters is not what you have got, but what you do next, with awareness. Become aware of what isn’t work and shift from that to something better. Feeling down, make it a point to feel a little bit better. Take one step toward feeling better then keep on stepping.

Step by step you get there. Too many people want a BIG result and instant transformation and miss out. They wait for fireworks when instead transformation can begin in small ways and explode exponentially. 1% of change a day is 365% of change in a year.

It Is Never Too Late To Change Your Life – Begin Today

1% off on a rocket to the moon and that spaceship will miss the moon by millions and millions of miles. A small degree of change amounts to incredible results BUT ONLY when you instigate and follow through on that small degree. Do it daily, moment to moment.

Do nothing and get nothing. You will have what you always did. Change something, anything, for the better and you will begin to change everything. Drop by drop the tub fills. Put into practice small positive daily rituals that don’t seem like much. They are easy to do.

Keep doing them and you’ll get mountains of change. Everything can and will change, you just have to begin and follow through. Expect good results but you won’t see them for awhile. Seeds germinate under ground in darkness, you don’t see it happening right away.

You Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time – But You Still Eat It

A seed takes time to sprout a plant takes time to bloom, but once it does blossoms abound. One plant can produce thousands of seeds. Expect good results and be patient. Have fun, take it easy. Do something and make it routine. Find the blessings and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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Without Self Control You Are Stuck And Face Blocks
When You Learn Self Control You Can Master Anything!

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No Pain No Gain Is BS! Stop The Insanity Pt 2


“In the last blog you learned the key to personal change is to get take control of your thinking. Steer it to the positive and you will feel better. As you feel better you will become more productive and get better results. That is it in a nutshell. Create it inside then outside.

Continued from No Pain No Gain Is BS Stop The Insanity Pt 1

Become positive, imagine it is possible in your mind first, and then create it. You make it happen. It all begins with the thought and then you bring it about. If you don’t fully believe it you keep affirming it and visualizing it until you do. That is the process of autosuggestion.

That is how it works. For some readers they may not be ready yet to embrace the notion, If you are ready congratulations because then you can make your experience more to your liking. If not, well, you will find out one day when, perhaps, you do become ready.

You Can Learn Something New And Useful And Good Everyday

There are many accelerated learning approaches. There are numerous whole brain learning activities and exercises. I incorporated these into my training program so participants could learn well, thoroughly and completely, while enjoying the process.

They still could be challenged and stimulated to grow and could do so in a friendly, fear free, stress-free environment. The learner mindset and values validated and appealed to. At the same time the learner was encouraged to try on new ways to absorb material.

The learner could evolve and enjoy. From time to time I share some of these approaches here. I have them in my programs and upcoming books but one of the most useful mindsets to adopt is ‘I can learn to do anything easily and well’. I can mentality makes a huge difference.

Kids Learn More Through Play And Modeling Than By Instruction

You may not believe it at first but if you follow what I suggest, AND what others have suggested since time immemorial, you will come to believe it the more you repeat it to yourself enthusiastically with great emotion. The more positively charged the quicker you get it.

Go back and read through my blogs. Read Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Ernest Holmes and other great thought leaders. You can accomplish so much more when you take charge of your thinking.

Change your thinking and you change your world. You can get better results. Use affirmations, use my Directed Questions™, read and listen to inspirational material, sing, dance, play, have fun, hang out with powerfully positive people. All of this will have a great effect.

Things You Take For Granted Other People Are Praying For

Practice gratitude! Probably the fastest, most enjoyable, life altering practice you can engage in is finding things to appreciate and feeling blessed. The more you look the more you find. The more you find the more you will find and the better you will feel. It is amazingly simple.

When everything becomes a true blessing the pain ceases. You become freer than you can imagine. The struggles cease. It isn’t that the environment or causes magically change it is that YOU change. When you change everything changes. YOU make the difference.

Your attitude, mindset, make all the difference. When you realize this then the ‘no pain no gain’ approach can end. You can learn and grow more rapidly through gratitude and celebration. You can have fun, delight, be surprised and enjoy. So do it. Discover it for your self. You will as you begin to celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make each moment merry!

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No Pain No Gain Is BS! Stop The Insanity


“Have you ever felt that sometimes you needed to be hit over the head with a lesson before you learned it? Have you struggled to learn, grow or change? Has making changes been frustrating, difficult or painful? Would you like it to be easier?

Mindset makes a difference. Attitude is everything. Many of us have grown up with the notion ‘no pain, no gain’. While the spirit behind this notion is admirable, and while it does pace a certain reality, it doesn’t have to always be this way. In fact, this way could be rare.

Instead, for many of us, we grew up struggling. Sometimes as we did we were told without pain there is no gain. We internalized the notion. We adopted that mindset. We grew to think it was true most of the time or that was the way of the world. It need not be.

Play Is The Highest Form Of Research – Always Keep On Playing

It can be otherwise. Learning, growing, and changing can be easy, fun and exciting. It needn’t be a struggle. It is time we learned and embraced this. Some lessons may come hard or at a price but for the most part we can learn to enjoy transformation and have it pain free.

If we brought up our children with this mindset and provided rich, varied learning situations and experiences they would learn quicker, easier, with few problems and issues. This requires our educators and administrators to be flexible and keep the child in mind first.

It doesn’t happen that way for many reasons although through the years there have been successful programs. Learning can be fun! For our purposes here, it is important that the learner adopt the mindset that learning and  life can be a blessing and a joy. Thought matters.

Once You Stop Learning You Start Dying – Stay Open And Enjoy

Get hold of your thinking and take control. Steer it to the positive and you will feel better. As you feel better you will become more productive and get better results. That is it in a nutshell. Become positive, decide what is in your mind first and then create it.

Next blog, I’ll share more on how you can transform how you learn and change. For now, go back and read through articles on managing your thoughts, attitude and emotions. Practice the exercises you learn here on doing affirmations or Directed Questions™.

Implement these and you will discover yourself evolving in new positive ways. You will be in charge. For some readers it will be the first time in their lives they have taken charge of their lives. This is a big thing! Congratulations to you when you decide to be in charge.

The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner 

When you take full responsibility for you AND when you are accountable to you then things begin to change for the better. Your decision is the starting place. After that it is one step after another towards your goals and outcomes. BE happy. Enjoy the process. Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Delight in today!

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Ask Yourself This!!


Today, I’d like you to ask yourself an important question. Take your time to really carefully answer. I mean it. Ready, here goes: What if you took all the time and energy you spent complaining, making excuses, blaming and talking yourself out of things…

… and instead talked yourself into getting things done and then actually did them?

Life would be different, wouldn’t it? It’d be okay, right, if that is true? It probably would be better than okay because all your energy and thought would be lined up to concentrate on your goal. Go ahead and start making it different. Start affirming you can instead of can’t. Start spending your time wisely. Celebrate everything? Rex Sikes

Become more fascinated today!

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Expert Reveals: How To Accelerate And Apply What You Learn

horizons 1-the-path-phil-koch

“People have asked what is the best and easiest way to learn to make changes? How does one master this material? I am so glad readers want to know. Learning is simple and fun. It is what we are designed to do. We can learn easily and fairly quickly.

As I and others suggest read everyday. Find some great inspirational material and immerse yourself daily. A good time is first thing in the morning after a period of time doing affirmations, visualization and a list of gratitudes. Read quality inspirational material.

Read every day as much as you can. I recommend at least a chapter but if you can’t do that read as much as you are able, a few pages, a few paragraphs, a few lines. Just read. Highlight and take notes. Study the material, pause and think. It is not a novel. Reflect.

It Is That We Think We Know That Keeps Us From Learning

Ask yourself, how the material relates to you? How you will apply what you learn? How and when and where and with whom would you use it? What will you do to apply it? Think about it. Imagine it. Relate it to your life and what you want to accomplish. Study.

Go back and re-read the material a week or two later. Review it. Re-read your notes. Attempt to put the material you learned into your own words. Share what you are learning with others WHO ARE interested. Discuss the material. Help others. Consume and digest.

I often find a chapter that is meaningful to me and read it everyday for a month. Yes, sometimes you have to fight the urge to gloss over it because you have become familiar with it. Learning comes from repetition over time. You want to continue to re-expose your mind.

If You Are Not Willing To Learn No One Can Help You

If you read only once and keep moving you aren’t  really absorbing it. You exposed yourself to the concepts but didn’t take the time or the repeated exposures to to actually learn it. Reading over and over again is a very healthy, worthwhile practice. Don’t be in a rush. Relax.

Between readings your mind works on it. You have real life experiences. When you return to read the same material you will find things that you didn’t know you have read. You will discover new things there that you missed before. Why? You changed in between.

From the last reading your brain, your reflections, your use of the material has helped you evolve some. From this new place you are able to notice more things. When you return to reading you will have grown more able to see what is there. It will surprise you!

If You Are Determined To Learn No One Can Stop You

You can listen to audio books while driving. I prefer to listen while sitting home with a notebook and pen. I do what I have already described. Take notes. Lots of them. Then I go back and review my notes regularly. I re-write them from time to time. I listen repeatedly.

As for affirmations and visualization and list of gratitude. I do these daily too. A short while in the morning devoted to each. Plus, I love to do affirmations while I drive. Sometimes, I split the drive, affirmations and then I’ll listen to a positive audiobook. I enjoy this.

Affirmations should be spoken out loud whenever possible with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm. Shout them, say them with conviction and really mean it. Visualization gets easier and more vivid with regular practice. Some don’t see so clearly at first.

Education Is Not Learning Facts But Training The Mind To Think

It will get better the more you do it. You build muscles from repeated exercise. Your ability to visualize deliberately increases too. Be specific, as vivid as possible and imagine that you have already accomplished your goal. Savor those wonderful feelings,

Use Directed Questions™ routinely. Anytime throughout the day is good for affirmation and questions. Decide on the end point of what you want, your goal, and ask yourself questions that direct you there and specify how you feel on the way. Feeling is most important.

Adjust your mind and body throughout the day to feel your best. If you get agitated or upset, down or anxious, bring yourself step by step, inch by inch to feeling better. Think worst, better, best. Eventually, you will feel better. Move in increments toward that way.

Remain Curious And Keep Learning

Smile more, laugh more, move your body. Walk, skip, sing, dance. Shake things up, do new things. Vary your routine add in some novelty. Meditate, relax. Be curious, take in nature, be playful as a child would be. Have fun learning. It isn’t all serious.

Each element I described requires one thing very important. If you don’t do this you won’t learn much of anything. You must take action. You must apply it. If you don’t apply it you haven’t learned it. Information, knowledge is only power when you use it. Apply it.

To not use it is to not know it. You can learn ABOUT something without ever experiencing any difference. You can read about France but if you never go there all you know is information. Information won’t change you by itself. Use it. Do it. Repeat it!

Learning How To Learn Is One Of The Most Important Skills In Life 

Somethings you can learn in a few minutes but they take a life time to master. You can learn to juggle 3 balls in a short while, perhaps not five minutes, but fairly quickly. To become a great juggler requires lots of practice. To be world class even more dedication.

For you to learn you must be exposed to the material. You must think about it , examine it, reflect on it and review it. Repeat. Put it in your own words, understand it and apply it repeatedly. Correct mistakes. Apply again. It is a continuous conditioning process.

Little bits studied and applied well help you learn quicker. It is better to do a little well than a lot in a shoddy fashion. Bit by bit you increase you abilities. Everything grows exponentially together. Stay with it. Learn! Make it your own. Play with it. Stay with it. Delight!

Learning Is A Treasure That Will Follow Its Owner Everywhere

That which you do daily, as long as you continue, becomes a habit fairly soon. You want to develop positive, powerful, habits that support you in getting what you want. Attitude is everything. The more fun and enjoyment you have while practicing the better.

If you do this you will be delighted to discover yourself easily learning and incorporating the new material into your life in ways that can surprise and amaze you. You can find yourself more easily and readily making the changes you want quickly. Enjoy it! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Have a fantastic day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Successful People Know Why You Need To Read And Write. Do You?

horizons on-their-way-phil-koch

“What is one of the best practices you can engage in? Reading. You would think everyone does it but the numbers of people who actually read to improve themselves is unbelievably low by comparison. The estimate is fewer than 10% read past the first chapter of a book. Some never even pick one up.

Would it be better to read a short 300 word paragraph than nothing at all? It might be. To read anything positive and motivational even if it is only a sentence a day is better than nothing. If you can do more than that it is better. Time spent in reading positive material is important. Time spent. Not just the reading.

Just as writing by hand is far superior to typing on a keyboard. When you write you make numerous neural connections, thousands. When you type you make 8 repetitive movements. Handwriting is called brain writing for a reason. It makes you smarter and helps you retain more when you write.

So read and take notes on what you read. Then re-read what you read. Re-read what you wrote. Re-write what you wrote and re-read. Study makes a difference. Repeated reading and study is of great value. When you read and then go back later you will notice things you hadn’t previously.

You may make new connections with the material for years by re-reading. Learning each time something new. When you re-visit your notes and re-write or re-word them later on you learn so much more. These are good, worthwhile, health practices to help you develop, grow and evolve.

I write long posts instead of 300 words because if you can’t take 5 minutes to sit and read and get your best mind on in the morning you are already screwed. I do it to detain you and get you to think. I do it for you to start your day with some inspirational material.

I write so you can take some time to think about things that are important and can make a difference in your life. I write so you can sit and reflect, perhaps reflect on it all through the day. I write to give you something to eat, food for thought, and to digest.

If you need and get all your inspiration in an infographic or a sound byte you may be beyond hope. Not really, but heck, slow down. Stop perusing FB for bad news and disturbing pictures. Instead read my blog or something else that inspires you and points you in a positive and useful direction.

Fill your mind with good ideas, good news, to begin your day right. That is why my posts are longer. To hold you for a bit. To keep your attention on one topic for a few minutes. To end the fast edits, and quick bits that hammer us on TV, radio and the internet. To give you a pause and a rest from pop ups and flashing ads.

This is why I make them longer. SO you have to rest a moment before moving on. If you can’t read at least a page of positive material in the morning, wow, you need to re-evaluate your life. You should read for a few pages, five or more minutes. Heck choose positive material to read with your coffee instead of newspaper.

The more time you read positive material for yourself the better. Some people make a practice of reading the same chapter of Napoleon Hill everyday for a month, whether they feel like it or not. That is an excellent practice.

Repetition is the mother of skill. Repeat reading, in that fashion, is bound to help you to discover things and make deeper connections than reading only once or twice. It will also become much more memorable and immediate. The understanding you gain from such practice is valuable, perhaps priceless.

Read, fill your mind with positive, inspiring thoughts when you wake up. Start and end your day right. Celebrate what you are grateful for at the very same time. Let your first and last daily thoughts be glad ones. Your life will become so much more magical and delightful as you do. Read and enjoy! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Make marvelous the day!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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How You Can Learn New Things To Improve The Quality Of Your Life

horizons rail road tracks

“Are you are life long learner committed to be the best you can be? You can learn anything you put your mind to, Did you know that? Learning can be fun and easy. It can take you to places you would never have imagined yourself visiting.

Your ability to learn and keep learning can open up incredible new doorways for you. Learn and continue to learn. Evolve. Grow and make the most of your given talents and abilities.

You may not believe it yet, because many people have limiting beliefs about themselves as learners BECAUSE they went to school but you are already an exquisite learner.

You have learned so much in live. You have learned many wonderful and magnificent things. You have also learned many useless things. You have learned to have problems and disappointments too. You can learn how to overcome any of these.

Click Here to Watch This Short Video Now

Statistics tell us that 95% of what we learn in college is forgotten within 6 months of graduation! Only 5% is all that is retained of what you spent more than 4 years studying. 95% is forgotten.

How much did you spend on college… for that piece of paper? And if you went to a prestigious university it means you still forgot 95%, but you spent more money to do it.

Learn As A Child Learns Naturally NOT The Way They Educate In Schools

The most pitiful thing is when people think there is nothing new to learn. There is always something new! Every day is a rare and unprecedented opportunity to learn and to have fun. The key to learning anything really well is to do it the same way as when you were a small child.

You learned a thousand times faster back then – and it was a blast! If you are willing to play, to adventure, to explore like a child does – you can add to your learning in ways that might seem miraculous.

Children learn an incredible amount because they are open and unbiased. A child can play with a stick in total delight and all the while the child is learning – learning to move and to coordinate himself.

He can watch the same movie over and over and still shudder with delight, still shiver with fear, and laugh with abandon – even though he knows what is coming.

Children are learning machines until they are trained to behave like young adults and are confined to desks and told to act appropriately. While adults look for the pay-off, kids simply learn for the sheer pleasure it brings them.

As adults we need to recapture the sense of joy and adventure we had as children, to rekindle a sense of growing and contributing.

When I teach my programs I get everyone from pig farmers to top CEO’s and all types of other occupations because if it’s not about putting a bigger smile on your own face and if it isn’t about putting a bigger smile on the face of people around you, if it isn’t about having a better experience or a more vibrant experience, if it isn’t about enlivening yourself… than what is it for?

One idea can change the entire world. We need a better class of thinkers and innovators – juicier people with explosive curiosity and creativity. Fun loving people who can change the world. Seriousness is truly a disease.

We need giggles and shudders and risk takers. As Oliver Wendall Holmes said “A mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to its original dimension.” Love learning – learn for no reason at all except the sheer joy of it. Love seeking.

When I train, I present something I call the Mastery Loop™. Here it is.


What happens is that people first approach information. This is what I call the enlightenment stage. This is not the eastern concept of enlightenment and meditation, but this is where you are enlightened to a new idea. This is about approaching material and information.

People come to me and it’s new to them; people come to accounting it’s new to them – whatever it is… in school or the real world… you approach something for the first time. Something you didn’t know.


After the approach, comes the bewilderment stage. You get a little bit of it and it becomes confusing. That’s because the “7-plus-or minus-two” conscious rational part of your brain is trying to understand the information, but it hasn’t yet assembled it in a way that is useful for you.

It’s trying to grasp it and make sense of it before it is ready to be put in order. However, if you stick with it, stay with it, and you are really learning the material, then shortly thereafter it will become clear.

What happens in college and formal schooling is that right before or right after it becomes clear, they give you a test. And if it hasn’t yet become clear, then you fail or get a low mark.

If you are poor at the mechanics of taking an exam, you can get a low mark that means you didn’t learn the material according to that institution.


God forbid you should be good at the mechanics of taking an exam because that means that you pass without having an understanding of the material at all. Lots of us got through school that way, didn’t we?

Then you go onto a new subject! “OK that’s done – NEXT.” That’s when you begin to get more of what I call “just information”, without behavioral competence.

When you do one of my programs what I do is skip the clear stage and go right to what I call the “mining for gold” or the drill stage. That means you approach the information, get bewildered and begin to practice or drill what it is you are learning.

You will actually get hands on practice so that it assists you in becoming more clear about what it is you are learning.


You do exercises to actually wire in the behaviors you are learning, you get to look at eye accessing cues and practice language patterns, and do anchoring with the others in the room so that you have the experience of doing it.

What is valuable about this is that you do the exercises during the workshop time.

After you have drilled and practiced thoroughly, then you enact the material. I have a saying that the workshop begins when the breaks begin. That is your golden opportunity to remember to use what you have been absorbing during class practice time.

When you enact the material, you use it in your daily life, refine it, and use it during real life situations.


When you take these skills into your daily life, then they begin to fuse – they become a part of your everyday behavior; you integrate them. This is where it becomes habitual.

You develop “unconscious competence” (like riding a bike) and have them as part of your behavioral repertoire for the rest of your life.

This is where it become so much a part of your behavior that you find yourself using the skills without always having to think about it. This is when you have truly integrated it.


As it fuses, it becomes a part of your everyday life. This is at the point where you will become creative with the material. This is where you will use it in ways that you or I could never imagine.

It is at this point you begin to discover your personal genius with the material.

You will find applications for it, design new things and make your life really a party. This is when you look at a problem, and instead of going “this is going to be a difficult problem”, you go “this is going to be a real piece of cake”.


The appropriate behavior is insatiable curiosity. To continue to learn, grow and evolve… not stop at quick fix techniques… but to evolve and become more compassionate and joyful and wondrous.

In other words, to make life a celebration and not just put a Band-Aid on an oweee. Remember exploration is the doorway to adventure!

What I am asking you – and this is a request – is how much fun can you have, how much curiosity can you have, how much wanton desire and passion can you bring to having a good time?

Because if you can do it here and now, regardless of challenges thrown your way, you can do it anywhere.

Exercises For Making Learning Fun And Having Novel Experiences

Take a walk somewhere you always go except this time walk as though it is totally new. Pretend you are an anthropologist doing an ethnographic study, making it elusive and bewildering.

See what you notice that you didn’t before.

Ask yourself questions you might never ask about obvious things. Then just be silent while you walk and look without internal dialogue.

Slow down your gait or speed it up to notice what you have missed before. Smell the smells you may not have noticed.

Do the same thing with driving home or riding a bus. See if you can open your powers of observation to take in more than you ever realized was there before. Venture into new realms. Take a different route to work.

Open Your Powers Of Observation

Do something now, do anything now that’s different. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but realize you are interrupting patterns and causing your mind to be stretched in delightful ways.

Go back and enjoy a children’s book you once read. Go back and review.

Listen to the same CD over and over – only each time pay attention to a different instrument – how do they intermingle, compliment each other, support each other, what are they accomplishing together?

Try tasting your food in new ways. Tiny bits, savor each morsel, really chew it thirty-two times. Discover how you can delight your senses.

Pay Attention To Your Senses

Take a luxurious bath, uses different scents, candles. Anything that enlivens you and makes you feel better.

Read a novel you normally wouldn’t read. Get a biography of someone you never felt interested in. Talk to someone repulsive and take their point of view temporarily.

Step inside them and see if you can imagine how it would be that they would hold views contrary to your own. You don’t have to keep them! Just try them on to get a different perspective from your own.

Try Things You Have Never Done Before

Do something you would absolutely never do (keep it legal and safe!). Go beyond your own limits. Push yourself, but do so with a sense of adventure, joy, fun, harmony, health and well being.

Watch the same movie a dozen times. Each time approach it fresh and new. You will learn something. When I was younger in California working in the motion picture business, I would go to the same movie 4,5, 10 times.

First, I would just watch it. If I got hooked into it emotionally, I considered it a good picture. Then I would go back and watch for the way the director constructed it all.

Then I would see it again to concentrate only on the writing, then the acting, then the cinematography and production values. Each time, I came away with something I hadn’t noticed before.

With new intent, I noticed new things. By asking myself different questions, or causing my mind to look in a new direction I noticed more and more nuances than I could have ever imagined.

Repetition Is The Way You Learn And Create Habits

Think about it – two people go to the same movie and one loves it another hates it. Are they really talking about the movie? No. They are sharing with you what they paid attention to.

They are letting you know how their mind works.

No movie is universally good or bad, there are things about it one likes while another may not. Of course the more sophisticated knowledge someone has about what they are discussing, or the more nuances, perhaps the better to make assessment, but it is still only an opinion.

This is why recapturing the joy of learning, reading, listening to tapes, attending seminars, going for walks, playing with children, is so vital because it enriches an individual and enables one to pay attention to nuances.

Immerse yourself. If you learn just one new concept or idea – it can be monumental. You can become more creative… you can begin to open doors that you didn’t even know existed.

Capture The Joy Of Learning As A Child Does

Discover if – by trying some of these things – you can’t enliven yourself to all the opportunities around you you could be missing out on. Find out if you can do better in business.

Make change more dynamic for yourself and clients. Spice up your relationships with more passion and ecstasy, have more intimate times with your children.

Fun-loving, exciting people can change the world. With so much in the news that could discourage us, we need to become beacons, lights that glow in the night that show the rest of the world that we can be more alive, more in love, have greater well being and riches, use our brain power more efficiently and most importantly – live joyously.

Perhaps if we were all just a little more joyous even in the face of adversity, we will make the world a better more wondrous place.

Because the truth is, the world is already a wondrous place. The sad part is that too many people miss it. Recapture the awe struck wonder of a child in whatever you do. Bring this spirit to all of your learning and all of your endeavors and you will soar as never before.

You will reach untold heights when you break old patterns and habits that have prevented you from being open to new experience.

Every Moment Is New Every Moment Is An Opportunity

Too often we have belittled a learning or an experience with ‘Well that’s just X’ or we say ‘There is nothing new in that.’ Yet every moment is new, even an old hand me down cloth is new to someone.

Often times rare and priceless antiques were discovered by people who knew what to look for when others had considered it only junk.

Sometimes subtly and layers hides the core of its value and only to the eye of a trained observer will one begin to notice what is really going on, or what the real value is. To the child, it doesn’t matter. It is all wonderful even if it seems old to us.

My nephew Michael, when he was three, had completed watching Beauty and the Beast once a day, sometimes twice, since it came out on video. That was somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 – 70 times! He would watch it and delight every time he did.

Love Exploring Love Adventuring Love Seeking New Ways To Enjoy

Go out and live life and expect to have fun, expect to learn, and find out what you discover. Find out how you can have a ton of fun. See if you can put the pedal to the metal and really play.

Learn, incorporate and integrate the skills that you already have.

A very wise person once said, “you can light a million candles off just one”… but your candle has to be lit first. If you light up, if we light up all of our candles while we’re together here, then we can spread a conspiracy of ecstasy.

Commit to learning. It will keep you younger and healthier. Commit to learning. Learn to be happy. Learn to be positive. Learn to direct your mind. Learn to take control.

Life becomes so much more wonderful when you commit to learning how to use your mind to make your dreams come true.” Rex Sikes

Enjoy today in new ways!

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4 Reasons Why We Fail And What You Can Do To Succeed Part 2


“In these two posts and in previous ones I have been provided successful ways to counteract defeat. You don’t have to fail. Failure does not have to be an option. You can move forward into success when you keep certain principles in mind. For each of the reasons for failure listed there are means and methods to continue on and be successful.

People give up or fail because they fail to realize things take time. They haven’t learned to control their thoughts and feelings. They forget they are in a process and that defeat is momentary. They get distracted by current circumstances and lose their focus. They give in to negative thoughts, self-talk and doubt. They lose faith in their abilities. They have not yet developed the winning attitude.

The following is continued from previous post: Part  2.

It all works synergistically.  Maintain positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors and you get more from your effort. To LEARN to stay focused you must STAY focused. In the same way as if you want to learn to cook you have got to cook.

If you want to build a muscle you have to do the exercise. Consistent, repeated, correct action brings results. Focus on the powerful and positive. Focus on your definite chief aim, your goal and maintain your focus. Stay focused!

If you are wishy washy and go back and forth it takes longer. You have to understand, however, that is part of learning how to do something. We get off course, make mistakes and correct them. You bring your focus back each time you realize you have gone astray.

This is the correction process. As you continue to correct you educate yourself where to keep your attention and you make focusing a habit. You also make self-correction a habit. This is necessary. A rocket has a correction mechanism to keep it on course. So does a GPS. You hone your inner GPS for success.

Realize that you will be wishy washy for awhile as you learn to maintain your focus. Learning HOW to stay focused IS learning how to overcome the tendency to wander and to bring yourself back to what is important. The learning process includes making mistakes. Get over the notion it will only be easy and effortless. It will be whatever it will be so stick with it.

Understanding the game of life, the rules and how it is played is half the battle. Knowing in advance that there will be rough spots, corrections needed, times of doubt, loss of focus, as well as times of ease, exhilaration and celebration help us get through it all. When we have an idea of what we face we can persist no matter what.

While you are going though the process accept that you are in the process. Accept it will take some time. Celebrate that you are in the process and learning to make the changes you want. Celebrate and be grateful for each moment good and bad. Celebrate and learn from the hardships. The attitude to have is to celebrate everything! Your Attitude IS everything! It makes an incredible difference.

Through celebration and gratitude you will manage your images and self-talk and will move through the process more smoothly and quickly. It WILL be quicker and easier if you understand it and don’t fight it. The point is to think and  feel marvelous most of the time.

You will fight it anyway. REALIZE that you will resist. Realize what you resist persists. Eventually, you will let go and move through it! Much of the learning is learning how to get out of your own way. In time you will. All of this IS PART OF the process. There will be ups and downs.

That is our nature. Few of us can completely dive in and do it 100% BUT if you are persistent and consistent in dedication you will make it.  Manage yourself! Take 100% responsibility for everything. Control your thoughts and feelings and you will develop a winning attitude. This is crucial! Attitude IS everything! So are your good feelings!

Don’t succumb to the down times. They are only temporary. They may not seem as though they are but they will pass. It may seem difficult but as you get through it, each time you do, you develop the ability to move through trouble spots faster and easier. EVERYTHING is learning and you are learning to develop new habits or you are giving into the old ones. Either you are up or down.

Stay focused. People give up because they lose sight of their ultimate destination. They get distracted by current difficult circumstances. Keep you heart and mind set on your goal. Manage your mental movies and self-talk so you learn to remain powerful and positive. Keep your eye on the goal. Don’t get caught by current events.

See your goal as completed, AS IF YOU ALREADY MADE IT HAPPEN and feel the wonderful feelings. Keep your attention there. Visualize daily in your mental movie theater. Shout out loud and enthusiastically affirm the kind of person you are, what you are able to do and what you want and are going making happen each step along the way. The goal is to feel wonderful most of the time!

Celebrate and be thankful and you will get through the rough and the tough spots. Feel wonderful about it all! Be passionate! Be enthusiastic and joyful. Have fun through it all! Enjoy everything. Don’t gripe or complain or wallow for too long.

We get and we become what we think about most. Think and feel marvelous most of the time and you become it.  What we hold in our head we can someday hold in our hand. Expect to succeed. Have faith. Believe in your ability to learn to make changes. Passionately pursue your goals and dreams. Believe. Those who fail, ultimately don’t believe they will succeed, they only hope.

Remember, once you have set course to pursue what you want and you began practicing these principles you enter the conscious competence phase. THIS IS the phase when you most need to be in control of your thinking process. You need to stay focused and not get distracted by your situation.

You need to remain positive and believe you will get there. You must be patient and persistent even when it may appear hopeless. This is when you need to celebrate and keep going!

Keep your mind on what you want and know that you can do it! Stay focused, positive and filled with gratitude. Believe in yourself and live with passion. Enjoy and delight in the process every step along the way. After all, it is the journey to the destination where we spend most of our time so make it marvelous. Make it really, really marvelous! ” Rex Sikes

Have an incredible day!

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