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This Couldn’t Be More Clear But I Bet You Missed It: Please Don’t

“I’d like to point something out that should be obvious but sometimes it is not. I am an actor and filmmaker. I wear many hats. I’ve spent most of my life speaking on personal transformation, enlightenment, NLP, whole brain learning and the Law Of Attraction.

I shouldn’t have to refer to acting or filmmaking in every post, for actors or filmmakers to understand the principles and approaches I share can be applied to them. They can use these personally and to advance their careers. These principles apply to all of us to use.

Whatever walk of life you are in, or from, you can use these materials to make it better for yourself and others. BUT, I get it. Sometimes, we are so focused on ourself, or career, we limit the opportunities around us. We don’t see clearly. We only see ‘IT’.

Be Present – Be Playful – Be Divine – Live Fully – Enjoy Life

When I was a young actor in Hollywood I hated weekends and holidays because I couldn’t pursue my career or craft. Most all my friends were ‘in the business.’ I didn’t have time for fun and frivolity, even relationships were dependent on career choices and moves.

The bottom line is my life was so ‘movie business’ I didn’t have much of a life. That isn’t what life is about. Life is way too short to be so preoccupied, that we haven’t time for anything else. I want to share something, again, with you Napoleon Hill said. I paraphrase.

He stated he had modeled 520 of the then richest people in the world. He knew them, spent time in their homes, knew their families and out of all 520, he stated, only one was happy! The rest were obsessed, families in chaos, kids screwed up. They were messes!

Playing Builds Brain Pathways For Creativity Flexibility And More

Some killed themselves, others turned to drugs and alcohol. Why? Because they weren’t balanced. They were greedy. They quested money to the exclusion of everything else. He points out, if you want it you can get it, but be careful of what or how much you want.

Hill said he suffered similar consequences. He wanted things money could bring him. Ultimately, he realized, and reported nearer the end of his life that peace, happiness, relationships were more important. He said, get rich that is fine, but don’t be so greedy it ruins you.

The same is true about actors, artists, lawyers, bankers, educators, laborers and people from every walk. Live a little. Love a lot. Laugh and have good times. Enjoy life as it is happening. Don’t put it off. Pursue your careers and passions but don’t get lost or fanatical.

Life Is Better When You Are Smiling And Laughing

Take time to enjoy each other. To notice how beautiful this world actually is. Travel. It doesn’t have to be far, or cost a lot. Take a walk. Go for a ride. See something that inspires you. Fall in love. Share good times with others. Have fun. Relax, too. Enjoy tiny moments.

Remember, living makes you a better artist. The director Elia Kazan said, if you want to be a better actor or director, you need to live more and experience as much as you can. You can’t only focus on your craft. You need to bring in things from the outside.

Much of the innovation in the world comes from outside the field of inquiry. For example, when Edison attempted making the light bulb, after a while, his insights came from how charcoal is made; coals smoldering under dirt. He realized, he needed a vacuum tube.

Have A Sweet Tongue Dirty Mind Playful Heart And Loving Soul

Frequently, people puzzling over problems take breaks, naps and illumination occurs to them, in the same way you remember a name or bit of information, by giving up trying to recall it. Later, it pops in. Cross pollination; ideas coming from multiple sources, melding.

Relax. Let go. Sing, dance, make love. Laugh, skip, explore. Talk over a beverage or a picnic. Spend time doing other things. Have hobbies and other interests. Make more friends and acquaintances. Volunteer somewhere. Help someone else.  Enjoy the silence.

Enjoy the sun. Bask in the rain. These posts are meant to encourage, inspire, inform, motivate, give practical tips or suggestions you can easily implement. They are for everyone! Anyone can utilize the information. If you don’t use it, it is only info. If you apply, it can be life changing! Use what you learn to make life sumptuous. Live and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes


The world is your oyster!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

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Why You Need To Play More!


“Life can sometimes get the better of us. We worry about things we can and those things we cannot change. We worry about the world, the environment, the economy, our kids, others, our debts and more. We spend too much time and energy on the downside. Sad but true.

Look at Facebook or the news. More good things actually happen than bad things, yet most of what we see in media are the bad things. True, some are good, most are not so good. There isn’t anything wrong with being well informed. However, here is the issue:

Are these robbing you of your vital energy and life force? Are these distracting you, depleting your energy and joy in life? We should all enjoy life much more. Instead we worry, fear, death and taxes. Don’t you want to live better than this? I absolutely do. We all can!

Realize You Never Get The Same Moment Twice – Live Fully Now

Consider this: Kids learn more through play than anything else while growing up. During play they have fun, pretend, role play and plan for the future. It is all fun and games but during it all they are learning. Sadly, in schools today, the amount of play is reduced.

Now days kids play video games. They don’t have to use their imagination as they once did. We need to return to some basic principles. Play and exercise your mind. Become playful as you once were. YOU were! Learn and grow through play again! Enjoy it!

Live fully, have fun, feel abundance and enjoy all life offers. It is far too short to work, sweat, fret, fear and depart. Let’s spend more time playing and having fun, enjoying and loving the people important to us, and delighting in all good things. Spend time living fully!

Enjoy This Moment For This Moment Is Your Life 

Focus on these. Stop focusing on the downside. Create what you want more of. Focus on the blessings you have and you’ll have more. Live free. Live full. Feel blessed and you will be more blessed. When you feel great, filled with life and energy, you radiate it.

Vibrate high. Seek always to vibrate at your highest. Focus on the good, the beauty around you, in all areas. Allow yourself to be filled with positive, delightful energy because when you do you create and attract more. Like flowers to bees you become more attractive.

Feel grateful. Appreciate everything. Imagine, whether true or not, you chose this life to live and everything that comes your way is by your choice. Challenges are there to help you evolve and be better. Everything is your choice and everything is your design.

The More You Celebrate Life The More Life You Have To Celebrate

All of it is a blessing. It doesn’t matter if that is true or not. Adopt the mental framework so you take hold of every precious moment and live it to the fullest. Exude life. Exude joy and thankfulness. Discover your bliss. Life is easier when you do! Live in love! Celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

Play! Then play some more today! Have fun!

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Horizons photo used with permission of Phil Koch.

NEW BLOG SITE LAUNCHES SOON – Do you get this blog emailed to you? You will have  to again subscribe to this blog, newsletter. I’d hate for you to miss anything when it switches. Subscribe and Follow Daily Inspiration and Gratitude!