How To Understand And Utilize The Learning Curve

“Each person, the learner, needs to realize there is a learning curve. As you go through it you need to take time and relax. Enjoy the process of learning. You may be learning something you never knew or have done before. Be gentle on yourself. You are a newbie.

When learning adopt the attitude that it will be fun, there may be speed bumps but you can get over those easily. Stop pressuring yourself to be perfect doing something you never have before. Cut yourself some slack. Go easy. Stay with it. Play with it. Enjoy!

Whenever you do the correct things, repeatedly, consistently, for long enough, you begin to make that a habit. What I just described is the process of habit formation whether you intend to create one or not. Everyone of us has gone through this process infinite times.

The More We Do The More We Become Capable Of Doing

We develop the neural pathways of thought, feeling and behavior through repetition. Trying to stop a habit is difficult. Replacing one habit for another is much easier. It still requires the same process to learn the new habit so be patient. Be persistent. Relax and allow it.

When you go through the process of deliberately choosing a new mindset you’ll discover new ways of being opening up to you. When you first start the process of change all your former habits revolt attempting to keep you the same. It happens to everyone. Relax.

Recognize this and relax!  it is a good sign. It truly is. The barriers and walls and blocks will eventually crumble. The fact that they are fighting with you means you are on the precipice of change. There is the saying ‘old ways die hard’. They’ll fight. You’ll win if you persist.

Children Learn So Much More Through Play And Pretend

Stop responding the old way! Begin responding the new way. Yes, it takes commitment but it is worth it. It happens more quickly the more you accept the process. Don’t fight the process. Just stop! Negative thoughts or feelings will arise as you move forward.

Keep moving forward. Shift away from the negative. Focus on the positive. DO THOSE things that help you feel a bit better. Develop success habits. The only way you develop them is to do them over and over again until they become supportive reliable habits.

Keep the faith. Enjoy the process even when it isn’t enjoyable!! Think of it as  building your mind and will as you would build your body. Regular routine nutrition and exercise, long enough until you get the results you want. Then, it gets easier and is maintenance.

Notice It – Own It- Play With It – Stay With It – Make Learning Fun

Play with the things I’ve offered you. Begin by mastering the basics. That takes time. Yes, it takes commitment and effort. Nothing is free! If you want heat from the wood stove you need to cut the wood and put it in the stove and light the fire prior to getting heat.

So when you notice yourself thinking or feeling less than glorious, stop, breath and shift your thoughts and your physiology to something more productive and positive. Move, walk, sing, dance, smile. Think positive and keep thinking positive. Stay with this.

Stick with it. Keep at it. Let go and relax and have fun. I promise you IF you did nothing but made gratitude a habit and celebrated your life, moment to moment, most, if not all, issues would resolve, as if by magic. IT ISN’T magic. It is you doing it!

Only You Can Do It – No One Can Do Or Decide For You

The world may still hurl crap at you but you become different and learn to respond differently. SO stop thinking you need to get or be somewhere else. The destination is not the goal. Learning how to enjoy the journey right now, this moment, is the only goal you have.

Take care of the present and the rest will take care of itself. Live with passion and positivity. Enjoy this second. Celebrate it even when it seems hard. THAT is WHAT IS! That is the moment. You can enjoy it or choose not to, but that is what life offered right now. I suggest you transform yourself by leaning to celebrate. When you do YOU transform. So celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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