Manage Your Mindset And Success Behaviors Will Follow

“Knowing who to listen to, and who not to, is important when it comes to making positive changes, developing good habits and becoming successful.  Not all information, or sources, is useful. Not all information is equal. You need to know who to listen to.

Selecting a good mentor is crucial. You want someone who has, or does, what you want and who has been where you are. If they come from a background similar to yours and accomplished what you want,  they may be a good mentor for you. Do you understand?

To achieve your goals define your goal. Clarify what you want. Make it a burning desire through visualizing and affirming each day. You must be driven, passionate and enthused by, and about, your goal. If it scares you a little, that is good. It stretches you. Get it?

What You Want To Do With Ease First You Do With Dilligence

Every day repeat your visualization and affirmations. In the old days this was called autosuggestion. I actually like this term. You continue to see yourself as already being it, doing it, having it. Tell yourself you you have made this happen until you firmly believe you will.

Keep it as the predominant thought/s in your mind. As you continue to do this you will begin to fashion a plan to accomplish what you want. This plan will change many times. That is okay. You never develop the perfect plan. You adjust it as you move forward.

Once you have defined your goals clearly, have it as a burning desire, and believe you can accomplish it, shift your focus to the very first step in your plan. You no longer have to focus on the goal.  Keep that in the background while you focus on achieving the steps.

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

You know what you want and you work the plan, step by step along the way. It is mindset first and  then behaviors follow.  Focus on getting mindset right and you will automatically do the right behaviors. You’ll adjust as necessary. It all works together.

If you focus on behaviors, or the steps, first you can end up spinning your wheels for a long, long time. Mindset is what organizes it all for you.  Mindset is 99% of the game. Behaviors, steps or actions are 1%. Do it correctly and you succeed.

If you’re focused on what to do you can end up getting nowhere fast. You can see this all the time. People being very busy but getting nowhere. Proper action follows the  proper mindset. This is why it is good to have the right mentor who can guide you well. Get it?

Action Is The Proper Fruit Of Knowledge – MindSet First

A mentor can’t do it for you, but if their journey is similar to yours, you can benefit from the mentor’s expertise. If your backgrounds are not similar they won’t be able to guide you properly. Wisdom in choosing who you listen to is key. Books can only get you so far.

Not all books are worth reading either. I recommend you read Napoleon Hill. His work stands the test of time. In Laws Of Success and Think And Grow Rich he explains how it works.  He describes mental process, the thoughts needed to encourage the behavior.

Napoleon Hill said, you focus on what you can control. That is your thoughts. Get your thinking right and all else will follow. That is why he titled the book THINK And Grow Rich, not work hard and grow rich. There is a fundamental, and important, difference in the successful approach. Learn it. Learn gratitude, too. When you do these, things will change for the better. Do it and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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2 thoughts on “Manage Your Mindset And Success Behaviors Will Follow”

  1. I have been blessed to get everything I want when I want it because of think and grow rich by napoleon hill. But the key to the book is: you must read the chapter on autosuggestion each night until you believe it. Once you believe it a whole new universe of power will unfold and be available to you.


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