How To Leave Pity And Negativity Behind And Thrive!

“To live a great life you need to vibe high. That simply means feel your best at all times. This doesn’t mean be blindly blissful every moment, it means to feel as good as you can no matter what the circumstances. Seek to feel a little bit better each moment.

Set a positive direction and continue to move toward  it. Stop letting negativity, circumstances or lack or results rule you. You must rule them. When you feel your best you are far more capable of doing that. Make a commitment to feeling your finest and maintain it.

Keep moving toward feeling better and you’ll develop the habit. Stop turning your attention to opposing negative thoughts and images. Stop visualizing the worst and start imagining the best. Live from a place of power not weakness. It begins when YOU decide!

If You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t You Are Right

Decide to change your mindset and your feelings. Your behaviors and results will follow. When you feel your best, vibe high, maintain a positive attitude and outlook, then no matter what comes your way you are best equipped to handle it. You transform your abilities.

Stop talking present or past difficulties, and speak to bless, heal, prosper, inspire and motivate! Keep the focus, your attention, on feeling grand. Act as if! Feelings stem from thoughts and from actions. Think happy and be happy. Act happy and you’ll be happy!

Don’t wait. Smile more. Laugh more. Jump, skip, sing or dance. Engage in those positive behaviors that cause people to feel good and you will feel good. You will start feeling better. Keep doing it and you’ll develop the positive habit. Then it becomes automatic. Get it?

What You Focus On Is What You Get More Of – Choose Wisely

An automatic, reliable habit means you find yourself doing it without having to think about it. This is what you want because it means it happens without you having to do anything.  Plus, you can initiate it consciously whenever you decide to. It’s the best of both worlds.

Begin today by deciding to do it! Decide to think and do those things that make you feel good. Do them repeatedly until you feel good. Then keep on doing them! You’ll start feeling even better. This IS how you create the habit. You condition yourself for success.

Decide to speak well always. Let go of pity parties. Stop engaging in negativity. Decide to express your gratitude. Be thankful. Find things to appreciate each moment and you will consistently discover more to be grateful for. When you are feeling grateful you are happy and vibing high. Do this and celebrate everything!” Rex Sikes

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